I am an 18 year old girl, who's not voting in her first election. I know to some people that's "selfish" or "a waste of my right as a citizen to vote," but I have my reasons.

I hate Donald Trump. I also hate Hilary Clinton. I cannot check either of those names on a ballot. They're both terrible people, and at this point people are basing their vote of off who is less likely to bring "The Purge" to reality. It's scary to think that we have one person who is racist, sexist, and a man who is driving politicians of "his" own party; and on the other hand we have someone who is responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans, a liar, and someone who goes where the polls take her - in other words, she has no opinions of her own. Our country is going to be screwed no matter who we elect.

So let's think about this real quick. Donald Trump, a man who everyone thought was a joke, has made it as the Republican nominee for president, and he has driven me away from my own party. Someone who is constantly compared to Hitler, may not be the best bet for a country that's already tearing itself apart. He's a man who bases an entire race on some horrific incidents committed by a small group of people. He's an AWFUL man, who will most likely end up ruining this country. People like him because he knows how to handle money, but this country isn't a business, it's filled with people with real problems. Instead of thinking that poor people are just lazy, we need someone who is going to help the people that are struggling. I don't know who is worse, however, Donald Trump should not have made it as far as he has. I am genuinely scared of what is going to come of our country.

Hilary Clinton is not better. While looking for political cartoons for this article, I saw one with a picture of this witch with her hand raised with the words "Raise Your Hand If You Lied about Benghazi!" I wish I didn't have to say more. However, I went on an entire rant about Tronald Dump, it's only fair. Hilary Clinton is a liar. She lied about the emails, and she acts like nothing happened in Benghazi. That woman will make our country drop faster than Bill's pants. I know my classmates and a lot of my friends want to support her because, seemingly, my entire generation is made up of liberals. However, they don't know what she is really going to do. In 2008, our own President, and someone who is "supporting" Hilary, said that "she'll say anything, and change nothing." She's someone who will change her opinion based on what the polls are saying and she will never ever be consistent in her thoughts and the way she'd run this country.

Maybe this should be the election where either a write-in or a third party candidate wins. Because our founding fathers are probably rolling in their graves at what this country has turned into. So thanks Donald Trump, for ridding me of my political party because I'm too scared to tell people that I'm a republican. And thanks, Hilary, for killing 4 Americans and trying to cover it up. You two have really effed it up this time.