Recurring Nightmare

The 2018 NFL offseason is under full swing. All 32 NFL teams spent time addressing their biggest needs, signing or acquiring via trade some of the biggest names in free agency. The hottest name on the market was then Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins, who, after being franchised tagged by the organization multiple times, chose to test the free agency waters. Ultimately, Cousins chose the Minnesota Vikings. He replaces Case Keenum, Sam Bradford, and Teddy Bridgewater, who all signed elsewhere (Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, and the New York Jets, respectively).

One of those 32 teams looking to retool and improve this season is the New York Giants. Coming off a disappointing 3-13 2017 season, the G-men hired a new GM in Dave Gettleman, formerly of the Carolina Panthers, and a new head coach in Pat Shurmur, formerly the Vikings’ offensive coordinator and Cleveland Browns head coach to shift the franchise in a more positive direction. The Giants have signed offensive lineman Nate Solder in free agency and acquired linebacker Alec Ogletree in a trade with the L.A. Rams. These moves will help for sure.

But over the past few days, all the attention has been on the team’s star wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. The headlines surrounding him have ranged from partying down in South Beach, Miami, Florida, with other Giants wide receivers. Plus, his on the field antics, such as fighting with Josh Norman multiple times and getting into it on the sideline with the team kicking net. This offseason, Beckham is demanding a long-term extension, worth millions of dollars. Team owner and president John Mara is sick and tired of these stories and headlines.

So are the Giants, the NFL, and football fans everywhere. The Giants are asking teams such as the Rams and the Browns for two first-round draft picks. New York needs to weigh their options carefully, as franchise quarterback Eli Manning, now in his mid to late 30s, looks to bounce back from a disappointing season. Beckham needs to prove to the organization that he is an adult and a professional, not a child throwing temper tantrums on the field or on the sideline. This is all a bad dream the Giants front office is having. Can Mara and Gettleman wake themselves up and move swiftly? Or will this talented but troubled wide receiver, once a first round draft pick a few years ago, continue to haunt them?

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