5 Ways To Recover So You Can Exercise Harder
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5 Ways To Recover So You Can Exercise Harder

Exercise and recovery

5 Ways To Recover So You Can Exercise Harder

Since you lead a healthy and active lifestyle, working out to keep your body strong is a very important part of your life. But after you've finished that grueling workout, it's also vital you allow your muscles and tissue time to recover as well. Otherwise, you'll get more tissue breakdown and less muscle growth, defeating the purpose of your workout. To make sure you can go at it even harder with your next workout, here are four methods you can use to help your body recover.

Get Hydrated

After a hard workout, your body needs 24-48 hours so that muscle can repair and rebuild. One of the best ways to ensure this happens is by getting yourself hydrated as fast as possible following your workout. By drinking plenty of water or perhaps an energy drink such as Gatorade after your workout, your body's metabolic functioning and nutrient transferring will be enhanced. If you are an endurance athlete, staying hydrated is even more important.

Contrast Water Therapy

Over the years, more and more athletes have turned to various forms of contrast water therapy to help heal their bodies after a workout. This can include taking an ice bath, getting an ice massage, or using a combination of hot and cold showers. With these methods, the idea is to constrict and dilate blood vessels, which helps to remove waste products from your body tissue.

Muscle Recovery Cream

There are many types of creams that you can apply to your muscles for recovery. You might want to try muscle gel that includes hemp CBD as an ingredient, since this may also help your muscles recover. Many companies like Hemp Mountain CBD tends to have products made specifically for muscle recovery. In addition to recovering your muscles, the hemp can help your muscles feel more relaxed and less sore as well.

Get Some Sleep

Since you will be tired following a hard workout, try taking a nap or even sleeping for a few hours. When you get good-quality sleep after a workout, your body goes to work repairing muscle and tissue, which is done by producing large amounts of growth hormone. Also, sleeping after your workout often helps clear your mind and put you in a good mood upon awakening.


Finally, don't discount the benefits of stretching out your muscles after your workout. By using various types of gentle stretches for your arms, legs, back, and other parts of your body, you can start to help your muscles relax and recover. Best of all, it gives you a chance to relax as well, letting you reflect on the positives of your workout and how you can tackle the rest of your day.

By combining these recovery methods, you'll soon find yourself getting in better shape and having a much easier time recovering from even the most grueling of workouts.

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