Recognizing When You Spread Yourself Too Thin
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Recognizing When You Spread Yourself Too Thin

We're only humans, after all.

Recognizing When You Spread Yourself Too Thin
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Our generation is expected to do more on a daily basis, accomplish more and make a name for ourselves at a younger age. Although this can sound ideal, these high expectations aren't always a positive. College students continue to put more on their plate to ensure they have the best resume, most experience and great connections. It's not uncommon to see people spread themselves too thin in order to accomplish the most but this isn't always the answer to success.

As our first day of classes continue to creep closer, we all know it's going to be another three tough months of late night studying, writing papers, completing homework, etc. The combination of this stress and also continuing to work towards achieving goals can be overwhelming. It's important to understand that it's okay to feel under pressure and it's important to realize our limits.

I consider myself an overachiever and I've been one since I was a child in elementary school. I remember wanting to have more homework because when I completed it I felt the most accomplished. I continue to be that same child in certain ways. I see it all as a challenge and I want to excel. There is no assignment too difficult to complete (besides math and science), there aren't too many classes I can't juggle and there are certainly no excess of writing platforms to be a part of. But even I have to come to terms that there actually may be moments where I spread myself too thin.

A friend once told me, "You aren't a robot." To put it into context, I was an injured cross country runner in high school when she told me this. I accumulated an injury history in my three year running career: pulling my right calf muscle twice, rolling my ankle several times and spraining it once (I ended up in crutches). I love being competitive and when it was taken away I didn't know how to deal with it. This is pretty common among runners.

But when my friend told me that, she reminded me of my humanity. I can't possibly do everything under the sun no matter how much I want to. It's okay to relax sometimes and just roll with life. I had to come to terms that I'm not always in control of my life.

Setbacks happen, bad days are inevitable, but at the end you're still the same great person trying to be successful. When you find that you're spreading yourself too thin and beginning to feel overwhelmed, take a breath and realize that you are only human. It's perfectly fine and healthy to take a moment to relax. It'll all work out in the end.

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