Recent "Adult" Purchases That I Recommend Making The Investment In!
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Recent "Adult" Purchases That I Recommend Making The Investment In!

With being 21, I have to be more conscious of where and how I'm spending my money. I need to be investing in my future and you should too!

Recent "Adult" Purchases That I Recommend Making The Investment In!

Here are a few "adult" purchases I recommend making the investment in!

1. New furniture 

Maybe you're lucky enough to have your parents buy you new furniture, but I've been rocking pretty much the same furniture since I was born. The only new thing I've gotten is a bed, which is fortunate as I don't know how sleeping in a toddler sized bed would work for me now.

Minus the new bed, I've had the same desk, dresser and bookcase for as long as I can remember. They're fine, minus the fact that my desk was falling apart and my dresser used to be my mother's so it's like 50 years old and ugly. (Sorry mom)

With being a soon to be college graduate, I wanted to make the investment in new furniture so that when I move out I will have furniture I love to fill my new place with.

I bought a new desk and dresser and am so happy with this investment. I did a lot of research to find the best deal and to find pieces I really did love.

2. Student Loans

I wouldn't necessary categorize this under adult purchases but it is adult spending. I'm fortunate enough to not have that many student loans, but I will be coming out of college in debt. To ensure I don't end up bankrupt or accumulating thousands more in interest, I have been making payments on my student loans whenever I can. Even if it's just $20 or $50, that's still $20 or $50 less I have to worry about in the future.

Don't avoid your student loans because they're scary! You'll have an easier time paying them off in general if you start ASAP.

3. New Clothes

I am 21 but I am often mistaken for anywhere between 12 and 16, so updating my wardrobe was a must for me recently. I sold or donated all of the clothes I just don't wear anymore, or don't like how they look on me. I used the money I got from selling old clothes and then some to completely redo my wardrobe and I am so happy that I made this investment.

I used to buy really cheap $4 shirts and sweaters, but I would wear those pieces once or twice and get bored of them or not like how they fit or they'd get worn out. Buying a cheap piece of clothing is not a deal because the quality just isn't there and often they don't fit well because they're made cheaply. Finally establishing this mindset, I am investing in more expensive ethical clothing, but only pieces I absolutely love.

4. Technology - Airpods and an Apple Watch 

After begging my parents to buy me airpods and an apple watch for what seems like an eternity, I gave up and just bought them myself.

I found the best deals I could to make sure I was being smart about the purchases and I am so glad that I made the investment in these. I use my airpods all the time and LOVE not being tangled up in headphone wires and I use my apple watch every single day to track workouts and check notifications, etc.

When making any investment, I am sure to really think on it and do my research. I don't just go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a whim. An apple watch was something I've wanted for about 3 years and I tried fitbits as a cheaper alternative and just wasn't happy with that. A good investment is one you invest time and thought in as well, not just money.

5. Kitchenware

With being a soon to be college graduate, I know it won't be very long before I move out of my house and into my own apartment. To make moving expenses easier on me in the future, I've been making small purchases here and there to stock up on things to have when I move. This way, I already have things like cups and dishes and I won't have to go spend $200 at Target on top of already astronomical costs with moving.

In addition to cups and dishes, I've invested in a small Keurig as well as a magic bullet blender.

6. New running and training sneakers

I am the absolute worst with replacing my workout sneakers when necessary. The last pair of running sneakers I had I've been wearing for about 4 years, maybe more, so it was really beyond time to get a new pair and make the investment. Additionally, I didn't own a pair of training sneakers so I would either wear running sneakers when doing other workouts or I would wear sneakers that just did not provide the right support.

With working out, wearing the right shoes is so important. I should know because those 4 year old running sneakers probably had something to do with the time I fell during a 5k and sprained my ankle. Learn from my mistake and invest in the right sneakers!

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