3 Ways You Can Save Money as a Young Adult

3 Ways You Can Save Money as a Young Adult

Whether you're in college or trying to make it out in the "real world", it's important to save money in any way you can.


Don't fall into a hole of debt as a young adult. Start making smart financial decisions and save money from the get-go. Here are some simple ways you can start saving money.

Start Budgeting

The most important thing you can do to save money is to start budgeting. Create a budget where you can lay out on paper how much you're making, how much you have to spend on necessities (rent, groceries, gas), and see how much is left. From what is left over, determine how much you should be saving per month. If you can save 25% of your paycheck, that's a great way to start an emergency fund. However, many people who are just starting out can't save that much, so just do what you can. Have a set amount of money per month for non-essentials and pleasure, such as eating out at nice restaurants, going to events, etc. By sticking to your budget, you won't fall into debt and you'll be saving at least a little bit of your income each month.

Make Smart Investments

It may seem difficult to start thinking about investing money when you don't have a ton to begin with, but you can start small and work your way up. Investing money will allow you to start making a passive income down the line, which means you'll be saving money without working any extra. You can make investments in the stock market, or by purchasing things that will save you money directly. For example, you could invest in solar panels which will end up saving you a ton of money down the line on utilities.

Pay Off Your Debt 

Many young adults are in debt, especially if they went to college and had to take out student loans. The key to not falling even deeper in the hole is by paying off your debt as fast as possible. This may mean you need to cut out some pleasure purchases such as a trip to Europe or even just not going out to dinner often. The faster you can pay off debt, the more money you'll save by not paying interest on your credit cards or student loans down the line.

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We All Know A Jordyn Woods And I Just Don't Understand Why It's So Hard For Women To Respect Each Other

Jordyn might have been Kylie's best friend, but a huge part of being someone's friend is being able to respect and value their family.


For those of you who may be behind on pop culture, don't keep up, or just live under a rock, the Kardashian Jenner clan constantly makes their way into various headlines every week. Usually, they're idiotic complaints about their outfits, describing how big a first birthday party was, or what lip kits are newly released. But this week, something different surfaced the internet. Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy, was caught in yet, ANOTHER cheating scandal. This time with youngest sister Kylie Jenner's ride-or-die best friend, Jordyn Woods.

To anybody who knows the Kardashians, you'd know that Jordyn and Kylie are truly the dynamic duo who do everything together. Going on various vacations, releasing a collaboration makeup collection, and living together in Kylie's home. Talk about the ultimate blindside.

This isn't Tristan's first cheating scandal, either. He was caught cheating on Khloe Kardashian during her pregnancy of their now ten-month-old daughter, True. Khloe chose to look past this on focusing on what was best for her daughter's life. She valued that True had a relationship with Tristan, even after how poorly he treated Khloe. Khloe is someone who chooses to see the good in everyone else and knew that even though Tristan couldn't be a good partner, he would make a great dad.

Jordyn Woods has been an honorary member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, as she and Kylie have been friends for years now. She seemed like a loyal friend and even modeled for Khloe Kardashian's clothing line Good American during their debut line.

Unfortunately, we all know our very know Jordyn Woods, and some of us have experienced our own version of her. I just don't understand why it's too hard for women to respect each other. What Jordyn did is so unbelievably disrespectful to not only Khloe and Kylie but to the entire family. Especially since Jordyn saw how hard times were and how difficult the situation became when Tristan betrayed Khloe the first time. By being so close to their family, Jordyn saw first hand how upset everyone was and how the overall environment was different for their entire family. Clearly, she was fake with sympathy and didn't care since she showed no remorse by making out with him at a party.

As a woman, if you know another woman is in a relationship, what gives you the right to go mess around in a situation that you damn well know you don't belong in? As a decent human being, how do you possibly do that to your best friend and their family? Jordyn might have been Kylie's best friend, but a huge part of being someone's friend is being able to respect and value their family.

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3 Ways to Save Money on Utilities During Winter

As college students or young adults, we're always looking for ways to save some extra money each month. Here's how you can keep your house warm without spending a fortune on heating this winter.


Don't leave your heater blasting for the next two months and pay a ton of money to the utility company. Here are three ways to keep warm and save money.

Make Sure Your Heating System Is Performing Optimally

Your heating system is what will keep your house warm throughout the winter months, but don't pay a ton of extra money because your system is working harder to heat your home. If your heating system is working at its best, it will save you a ton of money during the winter. If you think your system isn't working properly, you can have professionals come out and take a look.

Keep Your Home Insulated

Insulation helps to keep your home warm without using extra heat. By keeping your home insulated, you can save a fortune on utilities because your heating system will be doing a lot less heating. If you don't want to pay for insulation, you can do small things around the house to keep it warmer. Keep the curtains closed all the time to hold in heat. Have the fans turn the opposite way to circulate warm air. These small things can really make a difference.

Bundle Up

Instead of jumping straight to turn the heater on when it gets a bit cold in your home, bundle up with a sweater, sweatpants, and a blanket first. Keep yourself warm using comfy clothing instead of paying money to heat your home. You'll still feel just as toasty, and you'll see a big drop in your monthly utility bill from not using the heater as much.

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