Reasons to adopt a pet

7 Reasons You Should Consider Adopting Your Next Pet

Because your best friend is waiting for you.


In the United States, 44% of households have a dog, and 35% have a cat. That's an average of 50.40 million households. However, only about 30% of cat and dog owners get their pets from a shelter. In this article, I will explain why, and hopefully, convince you to seriously consider adoption.

1. It will save a life

2.7 million cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters annually. The only reason for this is that there is physically not enough room in the shelters to keep them there for extended periods of time. It is speculated that this number would decrease dramatically if people adopted their pets instead of breeding them.

2. Every animal deserves a loving home

So many animals are in the shelter either because they are lost, neglected, or abused. Pets are too precious for this world therefore deserve all the love from it!

3. They tend to have fewer health problems

Generally, animals from a breeder can have any myriad of health problems due to consistent linear breeding. Having a "purebred" animal means that only one or two bloodlines were involved in creating favorable offspring, exponentially increasing the changes for said offspring to experience preexisting health conditions as the generations continue.

Shelter pets are typically mutts, so these negative health complications caused by linear breeding are nonexistent. That is not to say that shelter pets don't have health issues all together, but the risk is considerably lower.

4. It may cost you less

Generally, adoption fees for both cats and dogs is between $15 and $250 based on the breed and age of the animal. Animals from a breeder usually start at $300 and can go as high as $3,000. Additionally, you could save on the cost to spay/neuter your animal, as some older shelter pets that had previous families are returned with the operations already performed. If cost is a deciding factor for you, adopting a shelter pet could be a solution.

5. It helps more than one animal

Not only do you completely change the life of the animal you adopt, you free up room and resources for the shelter to put towards saving another animal in need.

6. They make great family pets

Sometimes, if you ask the right questions, you can find an animal that fits your exact needs. Since most shelter pets are older, they often come with some background in a home and are sometimes already trained. This can reduce strain on a family by avoiding the new puppy chaos of constant housebreaking, supervision, walking, expending energy, and more.

7. You'll have a new best friend

When you get an animal from a breeder, you are starting from scratch. And while that is perfectly fine, adopting a shelter pet can open doors for you both to embark on a journey of friendship. Typically, shelter animals experience some sort of abuse, neglect, inadequate living situations or something similar and have already developed a personality of their own. This means that once they know you are their person and they are comfortable with you, they will begin to open up and share themselves with you, much like people do. This process creates an unbreakable bond of trust and companionship you might not establish otherwise.

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It's Important That We All Are Able To Step Back, Take A Breath, And Enjoy The Little Things

Really think of the good in your life, don't just hit the surface level of it all.


The little things in life no matter where you're at adds up. They can sometimes be few and far in between or just as frequent as us being on our phones almost every day. They are what make us give more thought about life, they are being with friends on a nice summer day, an epiphany, a night stroll, listening to music, going out with friends. These finer points in life are what makes it that much more special.

Taking a breather when things get crazier is easier said than done, but it's something that we sometimes need to do and could help us being able to manage life in the long run. Life is not a cake walk for anyone, and I'm not saying that it'll get easier but just because it doesn't get easier isn't going to stop us from living our best life. Sometimes taking a break is what we need sometimes, and that can come in many forms whether that's taking a chunk out of your day to read outside, go on long walks, hang out with friends, etc. Anything that can positively impact you in a way that helps you be able to have breathing room for yourself.

Once you took a breather, go and think on all of the good that's in your life. I mean really think, not just hit the surface level of it all. Think on the many times you've been hanging out with the exact same group of friends for so long and how they've been there for you and you for them, think on the walks that helped you cleared your head or that you have fun doing just cause, think on the little things such as you doing your hobby, favorite food, etc. Just think of all the things you have that mean so much to you, and how they've changed your life for the better.

We get so stuck trudging through life wishing, hoping for something better, wishing we could have a significant other we could hold on to, taking back a really crappy thing we said, feeling as if we're not going anywhere in life, that sometimes we forget to breathe, take a step back and see clearly the place we're at in our lives. Seeing that we have clothes on our back, food in our bellies, friends, and families we could lean on, and a life that deserves to be lived to its fullest.

Those finer points in life teach us is that the good, wholesome people in our lives or starting to show up in our lives help us get through the days and push us to be better people and that the little things we do that make our lives even a little bit better are what makes life worth living and why we should always appreciate those in our life because we only have one life to live.

Sometimes people don't have those points to look on, and it pains me that not everyone would be able to have that but to those that don't have those points to look on just know there are groups of people that are loving, kind, and good. That if you push on just a little bit longer you'll be able to meet those people and live a life you always wanted whether that's with a small group of friends or a big group.

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