The '90s sitcom "Friends" is about a group of six people who constantly hang out and go through life's ups and downs together. It's a show about love, laughter, and life and anyone who has seen it can say that in some way or another it has impacted who they are.

Dating a "Friends" fan has many perks, and if you can look passed the endless episode references, you'll realize it was the best decision you've ever made.

1. We would never cheat on you, even if we were on a break.

We know the fallout and we know how much it hurts.

2. We would never say the wrong name at the altar.

3. We would never try and trick you into thinking we hate marriage.

We know it wouldn't just throw you off your tracks, it would send you right into your ex's arms.

4. We would always know how to make you laugh.

Even if you were mad at us for accidentally dropping a knife on your toe.

5. We know only the best dance moves.

6. And we know the smoothest pick-up lines.

Joey has taught us well.

7. We would make a great parent.

8. We would never take you for granted.

9. We would trust you.

Because we know that if we're trying to hide something, it could end up with you trying to figure it out by seducing one of your friends, and who would want that?

10. We would never almost stand you up before our wedding.

11. We would also never leave you at the altar.

12. We know our grammar, thanks to Ross.

13. We won't judge you during an awkward phase.

We've seen Monica during her fatter days, Rachel without a nose job, Ross with the Afro, and Chandler with the pigeon hair.

14. We won't take it personal if you're not into cuddling.

15. We know how to have a good time in Vegas.

16. We're used to crazy things.

Everything about Phoebe Buffay was crazy. We loved her anyway. There's no catching us off guard.

17. We learned not to make a mess. Ever.

18. We would never take food off of your plate.

We also know better than to leave our dessert unguarded around food lovers.

19. We would go to extremes just to tell you that we love you.

Even if the plane stewardess didn't understand.

20. We can think of some pretty good excuses on the top of our heads.

21. We know hugging is important.

So. Much. Hugging.

22. We know better than to tell you that our ex was an animal in bed.

23. We know how not to give bad massages.

Even if you do pretend to enjoy it, we know the truth

24. We would never make a list comparing you and someone else.

25. And finally, no matter what happens, we'd be there for you.

There are an endless amount of reasons to date a "Friends" fan, we've seen it all and we know how to handle it. If you've seen the show, you know it's true, dating a "Friends" fan is in everyone's best interest.