Reasons Why We Love SHU

Sometimes, people have different reasons for loving something. However, when I interviewed people on why they love Sacred Heart University(SHU), I found a common theme among the responses.

"It’d be my friends because they gave me a sense of 'home' as the transition to a new school/new state/new atmosphere was, for most people, difficult enough. They allowed me to take my mind off the stresses of school and gave me best friends that I’ll forever be grateful for!"
"My favorite part about SHU is my friends because we always have fun together. They make me laugh and are always there for me."

"My favorite part about SHU is meeting new people! I love making friends and seeing new people every day. All of the activities and clubs here make it so easy."

"My friends because they have made SHU feel like home and always make everything better!"

"Friends and people because of the all around niceness of everyone here, even from small things such as holding doors and having manners."

"My favorite part of SHU would definitely have to be the great friends I've made here. Whether it’s having a class together, grabbing a meal, or going out it makes my whole experience here worthwhile."

"My favorite thing about SHU is the close knit community. Everyone is so friendly and involved. It's truly an amazing community. I can walk from one class to another and bump into people I know from class, friends, sorority and just anyone I have met."

"Friends because I get to meet all new people from various different states, and as they say your college friends are your friends for life and I think the bonds with friends I've made here will last a lifetime."

After asking 20 different people from all different friend groups, residence halls, grades, majors, etc., everyone had that common response. The people here at SHU make it so easy to feel at home and welcomed. The community becomes so close knit and you truly feel like you a part of a family here. I think this is definitely a unique quality to Sacred Heart, for I have friends at other schools who tell me all the time that a majority of their school is cliquey and uninviting. Sacred Heart makes the students feel good about their experience here.

I guess the students here really do have heart.

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