My friends are beautiful, sweet, giving, and a real pain in my ass. We’re all way too close for comfort. There is no such thing as personal space. It has become more of a sibling type of love. We annoy the crap out of each other and don’t really care. These are just a few ways they annoy the crap out of me…

1. Their Unapproachable Bitch Face

Why do you look so angry all the time? I mean, I do too, but you just shouldn’t.

2. They blow up my phone when I don’t answer right away

3.They don’t answer me right away when I have important questions

For example: “Are you out of class? I’m hungry.”

4. They make me go out and be social when I just want to lay down and be a grandma

5. They support all my bad decisions

ex: you should totally finish that bottle by yourself

6. They bring me to fast food places when I try to eat healthy

Who can resist CookOut when you’re already there?

7. They’re way too corny and nice sometimes

8. They don’t accept my corny love

9. The airhead things they say

10. The look they give me when I say airhead things

11. —Actually, I love them to death

How can I lie about that? I couldn’t live without them.