Intersession in a small liberal arts college is about a month long where you only have to take one class, but you have to take that class 5 days a week. Getting up at the same time everyday isn't fun, but it's nice to only have to do homework for that one class.

You can spend more time with friends.

Intersession is only available to the people who sign up for it first so if you're lucky enough to get into a class with some friends, the experience is 10x better than if you were to be put into a class by yourself. Plus, only having one class allows for you to spend more time with your friends when you're not in class.

No food lines.

With less people on campus for Intersession there is less lines to wait in to get food which is a blessing to college students.

You can meet new people.

With taking Intersession means the opportunity to encounter people that you may have never seen in your life before and some of those people may even become good friends to you.

The parties are different.

Less people on campus means less people from your college at parties, but that may not always be the case. Intersession also brings out people from other colleges who want to come hang out at your college and have a good time. The difference in parties also allows for you to meet new people who may even invite to come to their college and visit.

Class is different.

Even though you're taking a class that is in a short time span than a normal semester, this Intersession class allows for you to have an environment where you are able to interact with your professor more than you may have been able to with just a MWF or TTH class. You're able to have more of an opportunity to ask plenty of questions and give your opinion on whatever topic of discussion is at hand.

You have a lot of free time.

Yeah, doing homework for an Intersession class does take a bit of time, but you still have plenty of time on your hands. With that leftover time, you have the opportunity to explore your campus a bit more. You can go for walks (despite the cold), try going to the gym for the first time, attempt to get a work-study job, or even just volunteer to use up some of your free time. Intersession is pretty wonderful with a time schedule that mostly consists of people only having to take their class around early morning hours.

It's different.

Intersession is one of those things that not a lot of colleges offer so if given the opportunity, then definitely go for it (especially if it's a graduation requirement). The time Intersession provides is a time where you not only can check off a class that you might need to help pursue your major, but it's an opportunity not every college student can say that they get.