Reasons we should wear blue light blocking glasses
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Reasons we should wear blue light blocking glasses

Reasons we should wear blue light blocking glasses

Reasons we should wear blue light blocking glasses

In today's digital world, people will spend almost six to seven hours on digital devices such as tablets phones, laptops, and computers. All these devices impart blue light that can be harmful to our eye health. Moreover, it may result in musculoskeletal and psychological issues due to spending a lot of time on screens. Blue light is everywhere, even from the sun rays, fluorescent lights, and digital devices.

There are many myths and misconceptions regarding blue light. First of all, it's wrong to think that blue light in itself is a bad thing. It makes up for 1/3 of visible light, and is emitted mostly by the Sun. It plays a vital role in how our organisms function, helping with memory, focus, cognitive functions, elevating mood, and most importantly – regulating our circadian rhythm. This is why mGeek is focused on how to "block the blue" intelligently in a way that will allow the beneficial part of it to pass through the lens while filtering the harmful spectrum.

Listed below are some of the reasons you need to wear blue-light-blocking glasses.

  • 1.It ensures you get better sleep

Spending time on your screen before bed will make you alert, just like spending time outside when it's sunny makes you alert. Blue light emits short wavelengths. These short wavelengths will delay the release of a sleep hormone called melatonin. This hormone is usually released a few hours before you go to sleep. Therefore, exposing your eyes to blue light will delay the release of this hormone, thus delaying sleep time. Consequently, it is recommended to turn off your devices a few hours or an hour before you sleep. However, if this is not possible, one needs to wear blue light glasses to ensure you get better sleep.

  • 2.Reduces eye strain

Looking at a screen all day can be strenuous to our eyes. Therefore, wearing blue-light-blocking glasses will help reduce eye strain and aid in concentration and focus. The blocking glasses will provide a contrast for your eyes that will help you concentrate better.

  • 3.Reduces headaches

A lot of time spent on the screens can lead to headaches and migraines. This is because light,incredibly the blue light that emits short wavelengths and more energy, will trigger migraines and headaches. Therefore it is essential to ensure you are wearing glasses that will block blue light when exposed to the sun or screens for a long time.

  • 4.It reduces the chances and risks of eye diseases

Blue light I very dangerous to our eyes. This is because the cornea and the eyelens usually protect the retina from harmful UV rays. However, they cannot protect the retina from blue light. This will lead to the damage of your retina, leading to other problems such as macular degeneration, a high cause for blindness. Moreover, deterioration of the retina may cause the development of more cataracts. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure you wear blue light blockers to protect your eyes from these illnesses and eye conditions.

  • 5.Devices are here to stay

You own your devices, and they are here to stay. Therefore, stepping away from them for a few minutes is very important for your eye health.

In conclusion, blue-light-blocking glasses are necessary to wear when exposed to blue light for long hours to maintain eye health.

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