Three Reasons Your Water Bottle Should Never Leave Your Side This Summer
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Three Reasons Your Water Bottle Should Never Leave Your Side This Summer

Don't wait too late to hydrate.

Three Reasons Your Water Bottle Should Never Leave Your Side This Summer

It is July, summer is in full swing, and Mother Nature is making it hot. Whether you're spending your day off poolside or at the beach, staying fit with those outdoor runs, or working outside as a lifeguard like myself, it is especially important to stay hydrated and drink lots of water during the humid summer months. If water isn't your thing, here are three reasons it should be with some alternatives to make the tasteless drink a little more enjoyable.

1. It is better than caffeine.

Sure, who doesn't enjoy an iced Starbucks latte poolside while working on the perfect tan? Or guzzling down that energy drink before a long shift outside at work. While it may taste delicious, caffeine isn't keeping you hydrated like water can. Also, it might be giving you that initial burst of energy, but a new study has shown drinking water increases your brainpower. It provides your body with the power it needs for quick reaction times. Keep in mind, caffeine is a diruetic. In other words, while it may provide you with the burst of energy you need to get through your day, it will also cause your body to lose essential fluids. Swap out your mid-day coffee for a bottle of water instead.

2. It keeps your body functioning properly.

Humans are composed of over 50% water, but sweating in the summer heat causes a decrease in the amount of water maintained in your body. This is unhealthy because it can cause your vital organs to not be able to complete their necessary functions. It doesn't take much for dehydration to turn into heat exhaustion. You wouldn't want your relaxing day at the beach to end in the hospital. Working long hours in a water park, I guzzle down bottle of water like crazy while noticing too many guests become fatigued and dehydrated because they aren't doing the same.

3. That summer bod.

Many of us are extremely focused on obtaining and maintaining that summer body, staying fit, and keeping healthy. It won't make you magically lose weight overnight, but when you're feeling hungry, there is a high chance you are just thirsty. Try drinking a glass of water before reaching for that bag of chips. Also, in connection with the above point, it keeps your body functioning properly. As gross as it sounds, it makes sure you poop, and no one likes that bloated feeling you get when you don't. If you don't like the taste of regular water, add lemon or cucumber to it for some extra flavor. By adding either, you are boosting your immune system, aiding your digestion, and providing your body with extra vitamins and minerals.

I personally don't go anywhere without my water bottle in hand. Hopefully these three reasons inspire you to do the same.

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