Reasons To Love Your Dog
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Reasons To Love Your Dog

Why may dog is the best

Reasons To Love Your Dog
Paige Steward

As I head off to college I feel the need to dedicate this article to my dog, just so he knows how much I truly love and appreciate him. Yes, I am fully aware that he won’t be able to read this. But he’s getting annoyed with all of the physical attention I’ve been giving him this week so this article will have to suffice.

Currently my family owns a 9 year old, male, black lab mix named Louie (for all you dog lovers out there). And I love him more than I love myself. Getting a puppy was the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Although the first years were a bit rocky to start, I regret nothing. He has provided my family with a sense of comfort we never had before. He made us feel protected and safe.

I talk to my dog all the time, I’m not crazy. If I ever needed someone to vent to, he would be my go-to. I could say whatever I wanted to him without any repercussions. He won’t remember a thing, therefore he can’t hold anything against me. Nor can he reply, meaning I can ramble on for hours until I feel satisfied without any interruptions. The best part of it all is that no matter what I say, he’ll always be there to provide me with endless love at the end of it. If my dog could actually register what I was saying to him, he would easily be able to tell you me whole life story. All my ups and downs, every secret and even just daily occurrences that I’ve felt the need to mention. My dog has been a companion, and a friend when no one else was around.

The beauty of having a dog is that they’re just always there. I don’t have to worry about wasting his time with my lame stories because this is basically what he lives for. All he wants in return is attention and love (he can be a tad needy but honestly, same) which is perfect because that’s all I give him. I give my dog more attention than I gave my school work, you're probably thinking that it was because my priorities weren’t in line. But it’s actually the opposite, my priorities were so set that I knew my dog deserved more than I could provide, therefore, I’ve had to sacrifice some things to put him first. Honestly, it was for the better. When they say dogs are a mans best friend, they really meant it. I want to thank my dog for putting up with me for these past 9 years, and I want him to know that he will always be on my mind while I’m away.

Also if you haven’t pet your pup today, please, give him a scratch for me. And make it a good one, you know, so good that is legs starts to kick.

P.S. Also I hope mom puts extra potatoes in your bowl because I know how much you love them.

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