As someone with brown eyes, I have always been jealous of people with piercing blue or ivy green eyes who just seemed to capture the attention of the entire room. There are countless songs about having blue eyes, from Taylor Swift's Tim McGraw ("He said the way my blue eyes shined put those Georgia stars to shame that night, I said that's a lie"), to Hey Blue Eyes by Bruce Springsteen. However, just because brown-eyed girls are less noticed, it doesn't mean that we're any less ~fabulous~ than our light-eyed counterparts.

1. Brown eyes can be so much more than "just" brown

Photo by @camila_cabello on Instagram

If you've ever seen brown eyes turn a beautiful golden color in the sunlight, you know what I'm talking about. Brown eyes have so much variety and can take on so many gorgeous shades of brown. Your brown-eyed girl will keep you on your toes and show you how truly beautiful the color brown can be.

2. There are songs about brown-eyed girls, too

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"Pretty Brown Eyes" by Cody Simpson? "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison? Both CLASSIC songs about the beauty of girls with brown eyes. If Cody Simpson wants to know what that pretty brown-eyed girl is doing later tonight, why wouldn't you want to know, too?

3. She's less likely to get eye cancer

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On a different note, your brown-eyed girl is more likely to be around for a long time (or at least not be taken out by cancer in her eyes). Brown eyes have more melanin, so they are less likely to have melanoma from sun exposure. Her dark eyes are doing more than just drawing you in, they're keeping illnesses out!

4. She's got dominant genes

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If you love her brown eyes and wish you could see more of them, you're in luck. Brown eyes are dominant, and even though there's a bit more genetics behind it, it's very likely that your kids will inherit her brown eyes as well. You'll always have a piece of her beauty in your children, all you'll have to do is look into their eyes!

5. Brown eyes are simply ~gorgeous~

Photo by @kourtneykardash on Instagram

I might be biased, but I would argue that brown eyes are superior. They're not only the most popular eye color (strength in numbers!!), but they're mysteriously dark, kind, and overall irresistible. No hate to people with any other eye color, but the #browneyeclub is the place to be (and if you can't be in the club, date the club!).