25 Reasons To Be Happy
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25 Reasons To Be Happy

Do not worry, be happy!

25 Reasons To Be Happy
Life Enthuziast

Happiness is vital. Finding the positives is vital. But how do we obtain it? Why is it necessary? Often individuals seem to struggle in finding the good in the world when there seems to be so much evil. Happiness still exists we just have to search for it. Anything negative can be turned into a positive. Everyday we have the opportunity to control our mood for the remainder of the day. Don't choose to sulk, and see the negatives. Embrace the happiness found in the little things that surround our every moment. The following words laid out in front of your computer, phone, or tablet screen, are to remind you that there is always happiness. It is contagious and so simple:

1. The lightening bugs in the evenings of July.

2. The first bite of an ice cream cone covered in multi-colored sprinkles.

3. Laying on your back taking in the breathtaking view of the stars that stretch across the galaxy.

4. We are children of an almighty King.

5. Random acts of complete and utter kindness.

6. You have survived and conquered every bad day that seemed to takeover your world.

7. Puppies who give endless kisses and share their "I love you," with their tails.

8. Sunrises and sunsets that are pure, simple, and breathtaking.

9. The beaming faces of children that radiate through an entire room on Christmas morning.

10. Butterflies in your stomach when you catch the eyes of your true love.

11. The ocean waves that crash into your feet, filling your heart with bliss.

12. The fact that somewhere right now, a family is embracing their very first newborn baby in their arms.

13. The endless humming of the birds and the bees soaring through a garden.

14. Jumping into a pool on a hot summer day, the water so refreshing it takes your breath away.

15. The smell of a fresh Earth after a much needed summer rain.

16. A soothing cup of tea in the early mornings

17. Knowing that you have made mistakes but have been endlessly forgiven.

18. Fuzzy socks that are so incredibly soft next to a cozy fire.

19. Long overdue hugs that make your heart race with happiness.

20. Uncontrollable laughter.

21. Finding old photos that flood your thoughts with nostalgia.

22. Surprising loved ones on their birthday and seeing their expressions of complete gratitude.

23. Reaching the top of a mountain, convinced that you conquered the world.

24. Rainbows that illuminate the sky after a rainstorm.

25. That you, yes you, reading this list, are loved.

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