16 Reasons She's Still My Forever Friend

My sophomore year of college, I met the person who I consider to be my "forever friend" that I never thought I would have. Since then, the two of us have gone through A LOT. I moved 300 miles away, then moved back. We both met incredible guys who have completely turned our lives upside down. She started a full-time job and grad school, I started a full-time job and my senior year. We've been busy. We've had fights. We don't talk every day. We cry a lot.

But, I know she's still my forever friend, and that's because...

1. We constantly try to make plans with one another.

Okay, it's time to just call-in to work - it's been too long.

2. We really don't hang out with many other people.

"I literally hang out with you and my boyfriend."

3. We have hour-long vents on the phone at least once a week.


4. If we have a girl's night, we also have a PLAN.

Don't forget the wine.

5. She's the first person I call when I get good news.

Guess what?! I finally cleaned my room!

6. She's still just as crazy as I am, and vice versa.

Just don't catch us together on a rough day, because it could end badly.

7. We literally have the same opinions on 99% of things.

We're just alike, but also opposites - I don't get it either. It's just how it works.

8. You hurt her? I hate you. You hurt me? She hates you.

"He said what?! No, we can't talk to him anymore."

9. No matter how long it's been, we can pick up where we left off.

Whether it's been a week or a month, we're always caught up.

10. She's the only person who can bring me back down to Earth when I'm losing it.

She's saved me from a lot of regret.

11. She just gets it, and me.

Yeah, she just understands.

12. There is absolutely no judgment in our friendship.

Say how you feel, I know you're crazy and I won't be surprised.

13. We're both always down for dinner.

Barbs? El Som? Okay, whatever works. Be there in 10.

14. But, we're both broke a lot.

I can't buy food, let's just eat ramen tonight.

15. Our playlists are terrifying, for some.

It's a mix that not many will understand.

16. Through it all, we're still standing.

Broken hearts, failed classes, and years later - here we are.

Thanks for everything, pal.

I couldn't do life without you.

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