An Open Letter To The Best Friend I Thought I Would Never Have

Over the years, we all can say that we have had a best friend. I know I can, because I had the same best friends throughout school... until graduation. When we graduated from high school and started off on our new paths in life, we drifted apart. This doesn't mean that I don't love these people because I do. They are a part of who I was, a part of the reason I am the person I am today. Instead, it means that while they have a certain piece of my heart, there came a time when there was something missing in my life - something that they couldn't provide anymore.

Through my Freshman year of college, I didn't understand this. I knew that I was alone a lot of the time and that the one I considered to be my best friend wasn't here... but I didn't realize what was missing. Then, I met someone. I met someone who has become my best friend. The best friend who has become my “person.” The best friend I thought I wouldn't ever have.

There is no doubt in my mind that God places one person on this Earth for each of us to meet at some point in our lives, the person who is sent to us as our other half. The person that we instantly connect with, the person we feel like we have known all of our lives, and for me… that person is you. I never thought I would find a friend like you, and I thank you so much for all of the little things.

Thank you for being crazy.

You came into my life at a time that I really didn’t know what I was doing. You walked into my life with no intentions of leaving anytime soon, and you’re still here. I thank you for that, I thank you for being crazy enough to understand all of my weirdness, crazy enough to love me at my weakest points, and crazy enough not to run like heck.

Thank you for being my anchor.

You are always the one who supports me, no matter what life decisions I may make, and when they turn out not so great, you’re the one who keeps me steady instead of letting me sink into regret. You constantly remind me that college kids are supposed to make mistakes and that it’s okay to be wrong. You keep me anchored -- not letting my feet get too far off of the ground, or letting them sink too far into a hole. You keep me sane.

Thank you for understanding.

We have spent many nights drowning our sorrows in tears, bad junk food, and even in sweat sometimes when we try to be “productive.” Thank you for that. Thank you for being a phone call away at any point, and thank you for not even asking questions when I ask you to come over. Thank you for understanding me enough to know what I need and when I need it.

Thank you for protecting me.

You have threatened the life of every guy I have ever mentioned; you make me text you the moment I leave/arrive places far from home, and you always remind me to keep my pepper spray on me. You constantly remind me that guys will always be the 'optional' ones, and that we are the permanent one in each other's life. Not to mention that whoever gets married first gets to host the other as a house guest... for an indefinite amount of time. Thank you for making me feel safe, for making me laugh, and for reminding me that I will never be alone.

Thank you for teaching me.

You have taught me so much about life in the short time I have known you. You have taught me how to respect myself, even on the bad days. You have taught me how to laugh uncontrollably, at myself when I screw up, and instead of getting mad. You have taught me that life isn’t always kind, but that it’s a lot better with a best friend by your side. You have taught me that we are a package deal, that you will always be around, and that anyone who can’t accept that won’t be in either of our lives.

Thank you for loving me.

You deal with my psycho mood swings, my attitude problem, and my weird quirks. You laugh at my bad jokes, tell me the truth and don’t hold much back at all. That’s what best friends do. They keep it real. They love each other. Thank you for that; thank you for loving me even when I don’t want you to.

Thank you.

Thank you for the promise of a forever friendship; thank you for the memories we have made. Thank you for being both my twin and my complete opposite, and, most of all, thank you a million times for being the person you are.

Now that I have found you, I don’t know what I would ever do without you.

I love you,

Your Best Friend.

P.S. Movie night this weekend, don't forget 'bae.' ;)

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