As we all get ready to go back to school for the second semesters, many are soaking up all the homecooked meals they can while they are still at home. Getting such good food can be a bit of a struggle when away at school. Between classes, extracurriculars, and the possible job, making healthy and homey meals can be a bit of a struggle.

Any way to help this struggle is something I'm interested in, so when I heard of the Instant Pot among some friends I knew this was something to look into. They make it a bit easier to have better meals, even when living the packed and stressful life of a college student.

1. It has A LOT of features

This machine has multiple attributes and takes care of multiple things in the kitchen. It's a pressure and slow cooker, as well as a rice cooker, and yogurt maker. This makes it easy to make a variety of things, yet not take up a whole half of the kitchen space with different gadgets.

2. It's easy to clean up

The Instant Pot is a simple and easy clean up when done. It's easy to wash by hand, but it is even dishwasher safe. Can't get much easier than that.

3. The recipes are endless

Because they are such a popular kitchen appliance right now, many people have put recipes out there. Blogs, cookbooks, and even TV chefs have put out different things to make with an Instant Pot, giving you no shortcomings of different meals and snacks to try. Many don't even fall in the same category, as one can make meat, stews, different yogurts, and even wine.

4. You can leave it while in class, work, or practice

They are known to be very safe and have a multitude of different safety features, making it easy to prep the meal before leaving and giving you something that's ready when you come back. No more eating snacks while making dinner because you're just too hungry to wait, now it will be ready when you get home.