10 Reasons Why College Isn't Like The Movies But Still Awesome
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Student Life

10 Reasons Why College Isn't Like The Movies But Still Awesome

Students' expectations of college aren't always correct.

10 Reasons Why College Isn't Like The Movies But Still Awesome

When one goes off to college they always seem to have certain expectations in their head of how it is supposed to be. Expectations on what to wear, how to act, what classes to take, or if parties really are as crazy as they seem on "Blue Mountain State." We all seem to be getting these expectations from the same movies or Netflix series. Any college student can tell you that you learn very quickly that college isn’t like how it comes off in films, yet college is still pretty awesome. So here are some ways that college isn’t exactly like the movies, yet you can still learn some pretty cool lessons.

1. Parties aren’t as extravagant as they seem in Pitch Perfect 2.

There is usually a lot less space and a lot sweatier people. Even though most college parties don’t have pools or Bahama Mama stands, the music can still be captivating and the dancing with your friends will never get old.

2. You actually have to study to do well.

Even though "Blue Mountain State" makes it seem like all college students do is party, hang out with girls, and play football, there is a lot more to college than that. You actually have to show up to class and study to succeed and graduate.

3. Being a part of/getting accepted to Greek life is a lot more complicated than it looks.

There is a lot more to being apart of Greek life than just “washing cars, and being sexy.” The acceptance and interview process can take weeks, and takes lots of commitment. Yet, it is a very special and fun thing to be a part of once you are.

4. Sitting around and watching girls isn’t actually a class.

Though it may seem in the movie "Accepted" than sitting around a pool and watching girls is a good way to spend your time, you are mistaken. In college, you have to balance your time well; from classes to friends, to clubs, and just setting aside parts of your day for decent study time.

5. You have to budget and attempt to save your money.

In some movies, it seems that actors can just go out whenever they want and spend whatever they want. It seems money just comes from out of nowhere, but sadly that is not reality. Though some people do have their parents pay for everything in college, that is not the case for most students. You have to learn to prioritize and spend your money on things you actually need. You have to accept that you are now a broke college student. Trust me, it sucks now but by doing this, you will thank yourself later.

6. Your roommate won’t actually try to kill you.

The thought of getting a random roommate freaks people out sometimes, but I can assure you he/she will not try to actually end your life. Getting your first college roommate can be a real adjustment, though. It is the first time you are actually living and sharing a space with someone while being away from home. If you are not fond of the random roommate idea, there are always websites to help you find a roommate, or even better, go check out your college’s graduating class page and find someone with similar interests! Either way, don’t be too freaked out about getting a roommate. You never know, they could become a long time friend!

7. Professors really aren’t that scary.

In movies teachers always seem to get scarier as you get older. For some reason, movies tend to portray college professors as scary, heartless people that don’t accept mistakes, when really they are the complete opposite. In my experience, college professors have been some of the most understanding and amazing people I’ve ever met. People tend to think that in college deadlines are deadlines and there are no exceptions. Though that is true in some cases, if you just email your professor and have an actual reason why you need a longer extension, chances are they will give it to you. So on your first day of class don’t be too frightened of your professor, because I promise they won’t actually bite.

8. You actually have to plan out your future.

The process of planning out your future and major is more difficult than you think. In movies, it always looks like the person just walks into college knowing exactly what they want to do, then walks out of college with an amazing job that will pay a million dollars a year. Hate to break it to you, but sadly that’s not how it works. Most freshmen go to college undeclared and have no idea what they want to do with their lives. By sophomore year, most colleges have you declare your major; then, by your junior year, you have to start internships. Finally, by your senior year you have to start applying for real world jobs, and before you know it you’ve graduated and have no idea how you got there.

9. Meeting people is easier than you think.

Sometimes in movies, you see characters just sitting in their rooms all day and not having any friends. Then you think to yourself "oh my gosh that’s going to be me, I’m going to be a hermit in college." Trust me, it is very hard not to have friends in college. During welcome week alone, you will meet more people than you can count (and you probably won't remember a fourth of people’s names!). Everyone is in the same boat: new school, new home, and no one really knows what to do in this new environment. So, when you first get to college, don’t be afraid to say hi to strangers and get out of your comfort zone!

10. College is where it all begins.

This last one isn’t a myth. You thought high school was the best four years of your life? Girl, then you haven’t been to college yet. College is the place where your old high school stereotypes are put aside and you can be whoever you want to be. College is where you get new friends, teachers, environment, and, most importantly, a new you. Don’t always let movie stereotypes get to you on what college is like, but at the same time don’t let it not excite you either. Meeting new people and parties are fun, but so is learning new things and figuring out what you want to be for the rest of your life. It’s scary growing up, but it’s also a very exciting time. So take in the college experience and all its new inspiring lessons and enjoy!

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