If you are like me, then you don't have grandparents at every holiday event. You have empty seats instead. You look around and always seem to notice that it just does not feel whole anymore. You seem to wonder if someone is missing, and it hits you. It hits you every single family get together, no matter how long it has been, that someone will always be missing and it does not get any easier.

Maybe you still have your grandparents though and you do not relate to anything stated above. Well, I am here to tell you that someday they won't be here and I can guarantee that you will miss them more than words can say. But, while they are still here with you, here are some reasons to never take them for granted.

1. They will always be your biggest fan.

One thing I miss a lot about having my grandparents around, is them missing my milestones. My grandfather never got to see me drive a car and it was the one thing he always talked about. I only had one grandparent at my high school graduation and I may not even have any at my wedding one day. I miss that phone call of, "Oh Honey, you will do great and I can not wait to see pictures. You are just beautiful. I love you." They cheer for you even when you mess up because in their eyes, their grand-babies are pure awesomeness.

2. Even if they get on your nerves and seem annoying, you will miss it one day.

My grandmother had dementia and it became very hard to visit because I was younger (young teenager) when she passed. It was emotionally hard to see her, too. I did not understand her and it seemed as if things just got worse every time I visited. But, I would give anything to have those frustrating and hard days back. No matter the circumstances, always make time to see them.

3. Your life may get busy, but their's does not.

Always remember that while you may have obligations and a busy schedule, they are still doing the same ole same ole. And that is most likely, nothing. They would love a visit from you. So make time for them because like I have been saying, they will not always be around.

4. The Holiday's will never be the same without them.

After they have passed, you soon realize that they were the glue that held it all together. Things begin to fall apart and family time seems to dwindle down. So, appreciate the holiday season. Sit with them at the grown up table instead of on your phone at the kid table. Listen to their stories. Ask questions about their past holiday's because once they are gone, all those stories are too.

So this holiday season, soak up some quality time with the old folks. Love on them and tell him you love them. Don't just side hug, front hug. Take pictures. Remember their old person smell and try to snap pictures in your head. Because wether it is cancer that takes them or just old age, they will always love you more than they can express.