15 Signs You're An INFP
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15 Signs You're An INFP

Because sometimes our personalities can be a little hard to grasp...

15 Signs You're An INFP

Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving

INFPs certainly seem like a rare breed, but there's tons of us out there who are true idealists. We're driven by our values and principles and we listen to many people but talk to very few. INFPs like Alicia Keys and William Shakespeare strongly demonstrate that our feelings are best channeled into our creativity and our art. Although we may seem mysterious and hard to understand, here's a clarification of some traits an INFP likely has...

1. Your flirting skills are...unique, and let's face it, often ineffective.

Oh, you mean me completely ignoring you even though we've never actually met didn't catch your attention?! How weird.

2. You cry when you're angry.

INFPs are not a fan of conflict. Instead of yelling or flipping tables when we’re angry, your lip starts to quiver and when it comes to having to talk about something that's bothering us, the tears are bound to flow.

3. You have this happy personality and a sad soul.

Because we feel everything so deeply, our minds are always sorting through at least ten emotions at once. We're typically conflicted and our hearts are usually whirring at a fleeting pace. Although we may be known as 'the quiet one who laughs a lot,' deep down we've got a LOT going on.

4. You're the dreamer, the healer, and the mediator.

We just want the world to be okay and for everyone to get along and be happy. Is that too much to ask?!

5. Your brain, full of scribbles, somehow maintains the ability to help everyone else.

Because of your incredibly empathetic, thoughtful, and considerate tendencies, the people close to you will always have someone to lean on. Even if you're going through your own troubles, you're ready to catch them when they fall and talk them through whatever it is they're facing.

6. When someone you're close with is the slightest bit off, you're off too.

Your defensive senses start to tingle when someone you're close with isn't acting like themselves, and you're there to comfort them before they can even spew the words "I'm fine."

7. You want everything you do to mean something.

You're either extraordinarily passionate about something or your heart's just not in it, and let's face it, there's usually no in between. Because INFPs feel everything so distinctly, we want everything we do on this earth to make a difference.

8. You often best get your thoughts and feelings out through a creative outlet.

Whether it's writing, painting, photography, or music, us INFPs are typically a lot easier to understand through our creative work than just by talking. Sometimes we don't even understand what we're thinking ourselves until we've turned our thoughts into art.

9. You're not the best at decision making.

You're not great at making decisions under pressure...or at all, really. Unless you have a fiery passion for one option, you're better off just having someone else decide for you.

10. You're guarded, which makes getting to know you quite difficult.

It takes a LOT of perseverance, sensitivity, and time to get to know you, INFP. To those you're not comfortable around, you may come off as quiet and maybe even boring...but to those who've faced the challenge of wiggling their way into your heart, they've found it's made of solid gold.

11. You need a lot of relaxation.

What you need: a good book to read, some headphones, some time in nature, lots of Netflix, an animal pal, some time to think, some creativity, a good friend, and LOTS of solitude.

12. Small talk is the enemy.

You. Hate. Small talk. You want to hear a story that means something or talk for hours about something you're passionate about. You'd prefer to skip the 'hi, how are you's' and get right to the 'this is what ignites the light in my eyes.'

13. Your insecurity can quickly turn into turmoil.

Insecurity can definitely be your strong suit, INFP. You're not great at accepting criticism. Or compliments, for that matter. Though it feels like you need constant validation, you also hate being the center of attention, so what do you do with that?
That one friend who hasn't talked to you all day is probably just busy, but then again you probably did something horribly wrong and now they're never going to talk to you again.

14. You're driven by your happiness more than money.

Your idea of perfect misery would be working for a company that you don't believe in. It's important to you to believe in the work that you're doing and believe that you are making a difference. An INFP's ideal job would involve working creatively and mostly on their own terms in order to keep hold of their freedom of expression. You care more about your values and happiness than putting your time into something that you don't care about just for the money.

15. You're a "what if" kind of person.

Your mind is constantly working at a mile a minute, thinking about the future and the past and sometimes even the present. You're always thinking about the "what ifs" with every decision you make and though you always go with what your heart tells you, you can amaze the people you show your art to with how much is actually going on in your brain versus how much of it you actually say (which is typically nothing).

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