The New England Patriots are easily the most hated team in the NFL. They win a lot of games, are always in the running for the Super Bowl, and have easily two of the greatest pillars in professional sports. The Patriots have built the franchise on doing their job and just winning.

Being a Patriots fan is an amazing feeling! Yes, there have been some lows. Losing to the Giants twice was not fun, but let me tell you the highs way outweigh the lows. Here are the 5 reasons why being a Patriots fan is amazing.

1. Tom Brady


This one is pretty obvious, we have the greatest quarterback in NFL history. I will fight anyone who tries to dispute this. Tom Brady has proved time and time again that he is the GOAT. Don't come at me with Peyton Manning.

2. The winning tradition that seems infinite 


When the schedule comes out for Patriots fans we don't count how many wins we could have, we count the wins that we WILL have. We count 12 to 13 wins every year and that is not counting playoffs. It seems like this feeling will never end and right now its a great thought to have.

3. We relish the hate from other fan bases


Being from Detroit, I love to hear how much people hate the Patriots. We win so much that it makes people hate us and hey I would hate us too if I wasn't already a fan. As long as we keep on winning the hate will continue to flow and that ok with me.

4. We have the greatest coach too 


Do Your Job. That is the phrase that will always ring through my head when I hear the name Bill Bellichick. He is the greatest coach in NFL history and there is also no debate in that. Resigning from the Jets after one day changed the course of NFL history and thank goodness he came to the Patriots. All hail The Hoodie.

5. Five Super Bowl titles 


The final reason is pretty simple. We have five Super Bowl titles. Yeah, I know we lost our chance at 19-0, losing to the Giants again a few years later, and getting beat by Baltimore a couple of times in the process. But, after that wave of winning the first three titles, it was worth the wait of beating Seattle and pulling off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history against Atlanta. Kiss those rings baby.