15 Reasons I Am So Over High School
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15 Reasons I Am So Over High School

Senioritis: it kicks in and kicks in hard.

15 Reasons I Am So Over High School
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I am a high school senior. It is now the month of March and I will be graduating in May. This journey is one I have felt like I have been trudging toward for much too long. The days have dragged on slowly and tortuously, and the number one thing I have gotten from this entire experience is that I simply cannot wait for it to be over.

There are days where I think I simply cannot go on.

I can't do this anymore.

This is not for me.

Perhaps dropping out is still an option even though I am starring at the finish line before me.

1. The Drama

High school drama is perhaps the worst kind. I don't know if it really gets all that much better, but I really don't think anything could be as bad as what I am experiencing right now. I have been roped into situation after situation that I found absolutely ridiculous, useless, and unnecessary. EVERYONE JUST CALM DOWN!

2. Fake People

Artificial people will be with you for your entire life. However, none seem to be quiet as prevalent as your high school years. In this time period, everyone seems to be getting to know who they are and defining their identity. As a result, a lot of artificial people flutter around the high school hallways.

3. Immaturity

College has adults. Whether you like to address them as such or not they are individuals for the most part over the age of 18, able to buy cars, rent apartments, get nice jobs, and start their journey into adulthood. High school is a heap of hormonal teens thrown into a tight space.

4. Constantly Being Degraded By Adults

You're just a kid. You're a child. You don't know what you're talking about. I couldn't count the number of times I have been told that on two hands by adults. Perhaps it is in the triple digits by this time. I'm a child and I'm growing and overall I must be ignorant on almost every topic and not allowed to speak.

5. Relationships

The age of high school sweethearts seems to have ended. Almost every relationship I have witnessed during my high school years has ended up in burning flames or teenage pregnancy.

6. Hormones

The hormones, emotions, and moods are raging during the high school years and as a result, an unbelievable amount of confrontation is constantly occurring.

7. Cliches

The high school cliques are perhaps some of the worst kind. Friend groups will naturally occur over time, however, the "you can't sit with us" attitude is the strongest during high school years.

8. Popularity

Welcome to high school, the biggest and stupidest popularity contest you will ever experience in your entire life. Have fun for the next four years though.

9. Peer Pressure

Again peer pressure will most likely always exist however it can be argued that the worst it can ever be experienced is in your high school years.

10. Identity

Identity crises run rampant during these years. It seems a new identity is tried out every single day. People you thought you knew so well are complete strangers the next day. Everyone is changing and sometimes it really isn't for the better. Losing someone you thought you knew as they experiment with who they are can be painful.

11. Love

Love in high school. It sounds like an oxymoron. It is perhaps the most fickle during this time as we grow and change. Time after time is ends and ends and ends in this trivial years.

12. Gossip

It'll always happen. But it's bad in high school. Really bad. Often times high schoolers discuss others so that the attention can be diverted from their own selves. Talking about others means you don't have to talk about yourself. Discussing others often times allows you to escape gossip being started about you.

13. Forced Curriculum

Gym class, art, sculpture, and forced extra curriculum as opposed to a university where you choose fields you have an actual passion for as opposed to forced curriculum

14. Senioritis

It kicks in and it kicks in hard. All I want is to be out of here. It aches like a hollow pain in my chest every morning when I wake up and realize I'm still doing this.

15. The Future

It all rides on this. That's what they tell us anyway. These years shape if you'll get into a good college, graduate, get a good job, and ultimately have a good luck. So fingers crossed we don't screw it up.

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