1. You can act like your a little kid again, even when you are an adult!

When you are in Disney World you can act like you are a little kid because of seeing the rides, Cinderella's castle, seeing the characters like Winnie the Pooh, the princess, Chip and Dale and all of the other characters. When you enter the parks at Disney world you're just the little kid in you and you fell that excrement when you enter the parks like Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and both of the water-parks. When I enter, I feel like such a little kid and to me I'm in such a happy place when I'm there.

2. It has a really friendly atmosphere

When you're in each of the parks, and even the hotels, you see a really friendly place and everyone has a smile and positive look on life. The reason why I love the friendliness in Disney is because I always have a positive outlook on life, a friendly face and it's always a good thing to have a friendly atmosphere which makes me happy when I'm in a friendly place.

3. Magical Place

When you are in Disney you are around magic during the whole time you are in each of the parks, even in the hotel rooms and restaurants. I love being in the most magical place on earth because it gives me this good feeling on life when I'm at the most magical place in life. It's like the saying its is the happiest place on Earth.

4. Walt Disney

I love Walt Disney for building such a happy place on Earth and the most magical place on Earth. Each of the parks has there different themes and rides, places to eat, and even have rides for the little kids who can't ride the big rides like Rocking Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror and etc.

5. Disney Spring(AKA Downtown Disney)

I love the downtown area of Disney because there is a bunch of shopping to do and restaurants to eat at. The shopping is all Disney theme and you can buy from clothes, kitchen stuff, stuff for the bedroom, pillow-pets, and so much more which I love. The restaurants in the downtown area are sit down place or just like a grab and go which I like because if you want to walk around the area than that will be a lot faster.

I can't wait to go in less than a month with all of my family.