12 Rides At Walt Disney World You Should Not Skip
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12 Rides At Walt Disney World You Should Not Skip

Feel the magic!

12 Rides At Walt Disney World You Should Not Skip
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It's the happiest place on Earth for a reason! Walt Disney World is one of the most popular places in the world. It is internationally known for their four theme parks, located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Thousands of people visit the parks every single day, and it has been said to be one of the best vacation spots for families. As a Disney enthusiast, I agree with that.

In October of this year, I will be flying down to Florida to go Walt Disney World for the twelth time. I know that's crazy, but I wouldn't trade those week-long vacations with my family for the world. The weather is hot, the magic is super real, and the time spent with family is awesome and fun.

One of the best things about Disney is obviously the rides and attractions. Some are thrilling and some are breathtaking. It doesn't matter if you've been to Disney World or not; check out these 12 fun rides I picked for you! Whether you wait out the tough lines or use FastPass, do not skip them. They are all worth the wait!

1. Soarin' - Epcot.

People tend to argue that this is the best ride ever out of all four theme parks in Disney. I'd say that it's the best only in Epcot. It sends you up like you're parasailing, and you "soar" over the many cities and countries of the world. It's a motion-simulated ride, so if you have a weak stomach, Soarin' isn't for you. I highly recommend it, however, if you're feeling adventurous.

2. Space Mountain - Magic Kingdom.

This is another attraction that gets the most attention. Space Mountain is super unique for many reasons. It's an indoor roller coaster, and it's in the dark! It has an out-of-this-world galaxy feel to it. There are two separate coaster tracks inside its eye-grabbing white dome so that the double amount of people can ride it since it's so popular. That way, the lines keep moving. If you're into space, excitement, and the future, give Space Mountain a try. I love it!

3. Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror - Hollywood Studios.

If you're looking for an exciting thrill that will make your heart jump out of your chest, I suggest you try this ride! Sudden drops and stops will get your blood flowing. It's not necessarily scary, but you need to see for yourself if that is actually true. Some hate it, and others love it. Which group will you be in?

4. Expedition Everest - Animal Kingdom.

Fun fact: I have never been on this ride. Being a Disney freak should already qualify me in going on all of the rides in Walt Disney World. Not me. I have not stepped foot in Animal Kingdom since I was little. But I already know for sure that this roller coaster thriller is amazing! The track leads to the top of Mount Everest, and then it sends you down in a rush. There may even be a little surprise during the journey. You just have to take it for a spin and find out yourself!

5. Splash Mountain - Magic Kingdom.

I hop on this water ride whenever I get a chance. During last year's vacation, I went on it 3 times in one day. Can't you tell it's my personal favorite? Splash Mountain is a log flume that takes you through a movie called Song of the South. You follow the story line all the way through until the plunging 50-foot drop at the end. Plus, you get soaked! It's the best! Doesn't that sound great on a hot Florida afternoon?

6. Test Track - Epcot.

Nothing like driving in the car! This is the attraction I get super pumped for at Epcot. Pumped is actually an understatement when you feel the force of Test Track. You zoom through many vehicle tests: brake checks, seat belt checks, climate condition checks, and a final speed check. Let's say you go a bit fast. It's a thrill you can't miss.

7. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Magic Kingdom.

Similar to Expedition Everest, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a fun roller coaster with sudden drops and twisty turns, sending its riders through yet another mountain on a runaway train. It's very kid-friendly, and there are usually a lot of young families who enjoy this one. This isn't as thrilling as the others, but it's still great!

8. Spaceship Earth - Epcot.

Why is there just a picture of the Epcot ball? The Epcot ball is actually a ride! Believe it or not, there's a cart that continuously glides up and down the ball through our beautiful world's history and the past. I chose to include this specific attraction because it's one of the most cherished ones. It symbolizes the future and what is in store for us. It's all up in that ball, and you have to go through time to find that glimpse of tomorrow.

9. Rock 'n Roller Coaster - Hollywood Studios.

I can't say too much about this because I have never done it. Oops. But that's okay, I'll pass. This is another popular Disney roller coaster that is in the dark. Visitors love it because it screams Aerosmith and it flips maybe way too many times. If you want that amazing thrill that will make your head spin, get in line for the Rock 'n Roller Coaster.

10. It's A Small World - Magic Kingdom.

This is a classic! This one is for the kids, but you will definitely see adults like me in line! This boat ride will make you fall in love with the world a little more. There are so many different cultures out there, and this adorable attraction shows that although we may be different, we are actually all the same in this small world. It's meant to celebrate diversity everywhere in a sense to make children understand. On the other hand, there is the It's A Small World song that's literally stuck on repeat throughout the entire ride. Some may find it annoying, but I love it. It's simple and sweet.

11. Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin - Magic Kingdom.

There isn't really any spinning. Don't worry. I loved this one when I was a kid, and I still do now. It was always the first ride I'd hit. This ride is perfect for kids. You sit in a moving spaceship cart that takes you through the universe. The object is to be a space ranger for a little bit and help Buzz take down Zurg, his arch nemesis. I highly recommend this one, because no matter how old you are, it'll bring out the little kid in you.

12. Mickey's PhilharMagic - Magic Kingdom.

Not really a ride, but more like a show. Throw on your 3D glasses for a 4D experience. I don't know why I cry every time; maybe because it's so awesome and touching. It's a cute little performance that Mickey Mouse puts on as a conductor for a band. Follow the magical hat through many of Walt Disney's greatest creations, and let it touch your heart. You won't regret it. Feel the magic.

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