A Reaction To "The Basic Christmas List For Young Adult Women"
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A Reaction To "The Basic Christmas List For Young Adult Women"

Stop making Christmas a basic holiday.

A Reaction To "The Basic Christmas List For Young Adult Women"

All of you have probably seen the article going around that was titled, "The Basic Christmas List For Young Adult Women."

This article was supposed to be helpful to those who didn't know what to get for the their girlfriends, or their girl friends in general. This article was so basic it wasn't supposed to spark annoyance in anyone, except it did.

This article annoyed the crap out of me, and here's why. I hate basic. Now I won't be completely cynical, I agreed with a few things on the list that would be nice to get in a stocking for Christmas. But some of the items on the list, c'mon, you couldn't have been a little more creative?

First off, don't buy any women make up. We're so picky about everything, and especially about what make up we use. The only thing you're gonna get if you get your girlfriend make up is complaining because it's the wrong brand. The same thing goes for bras, boots, and purses. Unless you know 100% what your girlfriend or your friend likes, don't do it man.

Second off, keychains? Seriously? Maybe if I was 12 and still needed a decoration for my backpack at school, but young adult women? Really?

Let's keep going. A Polaroid camera? Not all of us are hipsters that need/want a Polaroid camera.

Bath bombs. Overrated. Just no.

Candles. They're a default gift. They are what you get someone on your way to a party because you forgot to get them an actual present, there's no real thought behind them and it's a terrible excuse for a "perfect gift."

The only things I could slightly agree with on this list are fleece socks, comfy sweaters, and comfy lounging clothes. Girls love to be comfortable to you hit that one on the head. But, just a word of advice if you're trying to to shop for you girlfriend or your girl friend. ASK HER WHAT SHE WANTS. Christmas presents are not as hard as you make them out to be. If you want to get her the perfect gift then ask her what she wants for Christmas. If you're want to surprise her, ask her friends or family what she would like if you don't want to guess. It's honestly not that hard to do. And if she answers with "I don't know." Then she better think of something because you can't buy "I don't know" at the outlet mall.

And ladies, stop making Christmas so hard on everyone. Just tell them what you want, Christmas isn't a guessing game, so don't make it one. If you want a necklace, ask for one. If you want a fuzzy sweater, ask for one. If you want food for Christmas, then you ask for food. It's Christmas, you're allowed to ask for what you want. Just pretend you're a kid again and ask away.

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