24 Thoughts For My 24th Birthday
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24 Thoughts For My 24th Birthday

Properly-presented backgrounds say a lot about where a writer is coming from...

24 Thoughts For My 24th Birthday

As of this writing, I have turned 24. Thanks to all those who will have sent me birthday wishes via Facebook, phone, or in person; your undying support is appreciated! And wouldn't you know it, here come the Facebook notifications now...

I went through about a dozen different topics in my head to write this week's article with, but none seemed fitting. I could launch into a bunch of advice for everyone approaching this point in life, but that feels cliche. Mere observations of what I have learned do not seem right either. No, instead, I think I will share 24 things about myself that most of you probably don't know.

1) One of my favorite kinds of songs are about young people considering old age, people in old age wondering where the time has gone, and generational connecting (100 years, Landslide, Forever Young by Rod Stewart, etc.)

2) I also like certain kinds of folk songs, like African, Native American, Celtic, English (Danny Boy, Homeward Bound, etc.)

3) Due to hearing damage, singing voices that most people say are good (professional or amateur) actually sound grating to me, while some voices that I like are just as bad on everyone else's ears.

4) My character in my books series turns 5,964 today.

5) I actually like warm water, and am not overly fond of iced water.

6) My least favorite foods are eggs, ham, sausage, bacon (turkey is okay), tomatoes, and raw onions, and pretty much anything that gets that hiss-gagging sound from me.

7) I have actually not seen a LOT of movies. If I laugh at a reference you make, the way you did it was awesome without my knowing anything about where it came from.

8) I laugh at subtle irony that others miss. For this reason, I sometimes laugh at things that don't seem like they should be funny, as an awesome Calculus teacher pointed out in class ("What about that was even funny, Michael?"), much to everyone's amusement.

9) If you ever ask me my favorite anything, I will never have one standard answer. There are a lot of favorites of certain categories (Food, movies, desserts, etc).

10) I am a nerd, but a specialized one. Others I have met tend to like over two dozen unrelated series (Fantasy AND Sci-fi) with a passion, while I'm more laid back in Dr. Who, Star Trek, Redwall, and Star Wars. No, I have not even seen any movie or episode over forty times.

11) Because I remember certain details a little too well, I tend to never watch or read things a second time.

12) My aggressive is unusually focused with the quality of Star Trek ships I buy. Inaccuracy is unacceptable.

13) I never collected action figures, due to reservations toward the human form. This is part of the reason I only write of or read about animal characters.

14) I have mild facial blindness--if I can recognize you after seeing you once, picture or in person, your face is very distinctive. But don't be offended if I mix you up with someone else.

15) I have been told by several people that I have unusually high patience.

16) I was an Astrophysics major before I switched to Creative Writing. While the common response is that it's quite a jump, I will always attribute leaving science to "The History and Philosophy of Science" course, which revealed disturbing implications: scientists in general just never learn. And the higher the degree, the worse they usually get.

17) I am a hardcore sleeper. I still don't know what certain roommates did the night they found out.

18) My mind tends to lose its line of reasoning when confrontation arises. I never use "the last word" in the usual sense, but instead to express agreement, directly or otherwise. If you get the last word, I may be insulting you.

19) If anything I say or do offends you, just know that social norms do not come naturally to me. Believe me, if I didn't like you that much, you'll know without question.

20) Due to another's lapse in judgment, I was stuck on an anti-hallucinogenic drug for six months. Despite inability to think during that time, along with the occasional after-effects, the good news is that I do not hallucinate!

21) I have a lot of weird favorite numbers: 11, 21, 37, 93. 11 makes appearance throughout my books, 21 is the date I was born, 37 is unsolved as yet, and 93 is the millions of miles we are from the sun.

22) I have very vivid dreams.

23) I have had a collection of experiences through which I know that God exists and that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true and living Church. We claim no monopoly on truth, but certainly on authority from God. We invite all to bring the truth they do possess, and gain more, to learn for themselves and not merely take our word for it. Though some accused me and other members of this Church as "brainwashed," these experiences prove otherwise. No other member was ever involved. I respect anyone else's beliefs and will defend their right to believe them, as long as they will respect my right and responsibility. If you know me at all, I am very different. I would not have spent two years teaching this message if I did not know it, and I would not have followed divine promptings that pushed me to get my driver's licence or go to college, and boy did those work out in ways I did not imagine. Believe what you will, but this is the truth. I hope you embrace it whole-heartedly, but will respect your right to decline, without cutting ties.

24) I will likely never stop collecting Legos!

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