11 Quotes I Try To Live By
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11 Quotes I try to live by each day

Everyone has their favorite quotes and these are mine.

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Quotes are copied words or repeated phrases by authors (or ordinary people) used to give us a general idea of who a person is and how they think. They do not have to be serious or full of wisdom, and they don't have to be used at certain times.

They can be jokes to lighten a situation or they can be inspirational. People use quotes as things to live by, things to inspire, and things to educate by when the person quoting the quote has no words of their own. Everyone has quotes they try to live by and these are mine.


People will ultimately do what they were planning on doing anyway. You can tell them as politely as possible or by giving them reasonable advice on why they should or shouldn't, or you could scream it in their face all day, but they will do what they want in the end. So listen and see if there is a reason for what they were saying. Smile to show that you were listening, and agree to what they are saying, then do whatever you were gonna do anyway. Sometimes the only way to learn is by trial and error.


You could be having the worst day ever but to keep yourself from dwelling on it and worrying yourself sick, you could always think of something positive. It doesn't have to be something positive from your life, it could be from friends, family, or from a different country. But if it brightens your day then focus on it.


If people would just take a moment to look in and walk in another person's shoes, they would understand others better. Take a second out of your day to make someone else's better. You don't have to do something big and grand, it could be a simple compliment or you could stop and listen to what they're saying. By doing this you could save someone's life or completely change their view or mindset.


You don't have to be gifted with special powers to be a hero. Heroes are everywhere doctors, nurses, firemen, policemen, teachers, and so on. They can be completely ordinary people who had an act of bravery or made a difference to someone's life without meaning to. They can be people who saw something happening and stood up to stop it. A hero can be anyone, even you.


No matter what may be happening around us, we have the power to change it. We have the power to make things better. There is no use in sitting around and waiting for someone else to change the world because what if no one else takes action because they believe someone else will. Do not wait for someone else to do something; do it yourself.


It's easy to stand up to someone you don't know on a personal level. If it's a stranger you can call them out without the fear of losing them or of their image of you changing. Standing up to friends is nearly impossible because it goes against the instinct of wanting to please them. When standing up to friends, no matter the reason, there is always the possibility of destroying a friendship or damaging their image of you. That's why a lot of derogatory, sexist, racist, homophobic and other comments go by without consequence. Stand up to your friends if what they are saying/doing could cause harm to you, others, or themselves.


Ever heard the phrase, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me," because I have and you can heal from physical pain, but words do in fact hurt. Some people have the ability to brush it off and go about their day, but for some, especially if continuously told, will let the words in but won't let them go. The words that you say can have negative effects on people, they can be planted in someone's brain and sprout poisonous thoughts. Be kind to one another, you never know what could happen.


Don't let yourself be stuck in a toxic environment; it's better to be by yourself than to be in an environment that could hurt you physically or mentally. Removing yourself and being alone is far better than causing further damage to ones health. Besides you won't be alone forever, there is always someone who understands.


Books have the power of transporting the reader to a different world, to anywhere imaginable. Books make people who they are, it gives them insight into how things are and work, and who they want to be. Every book you read leaves an impression, helping shape personalities because they take parts of their favorite characters and integrate it into themselves. They change how people view and perceive things. Books have the power of making people better.


Someone will always see through what you are trying to sell them. There will never be an instance where everyone believes or agrees with what you are saying and what you are doing.


No matter what happens or how you feel, the world keeps turning and the sun still rises and sets. Change happens and is necessary for people to grow and live. The world is forever changing and those who do not see it, or why it is necessary, will not grow and will remain the same as they have always been. You cannot continuously look to the past to set an example on how things were and how things are because that's what causes problems. Things that happened hundreds of years ago do not work when the setting or problem changes. Change is necessary for a better future. Change is necessary for a better tomorrow.

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