Summer is almost over, which means we're all going to have to go back to school. You might have to take a class with a professor you absolutely despise. Or maybe you're stuck with waking up 5 minutes before your 8 a.m. Aren't these the classes you're most excited about?

The answer is no. Of course not.

What if you just wanted to drop a class so bad, but didn't know how to do it? Well, do I have a surprise for you. "She's The Man" is arguably one of the most quotable movies of all time. The quotes from Amanda Bynes', Channing Tatum and the rest of the cast can be used in so many different situations in life.

Here are 22 quotes from "She's the Man" to use when you're dropping a class.

"Uhh, I'm allergic to the sun."

"I skipped a couple grades. I'm brilliant. Shh."

"When I close my eyes, I see you for what you truly are... which is UGLY!"

"Be a man. Suck it up and rub some dirt on it."

"What're you gonna do, drown me in your tears?"

"Ew. Do, do I have to?"

"It was just like a big, huge dumping."

"Um, I get really bad nose bleeds?"

"My intensity scares some people."

"FINE. End of relationship."

"I don't know that that's a thing that I know."

"What am I doing? This isn't FUN."


"What does your heart tell you?"

"Let me put a stop to that little brain fart right now."

"Oh, boy. This isn't good."

"Kill me."

"I just can't do this."

"Why don't you just relax?"

"I got a lifetime of knowledge."

"So what about the thing... we talked about it... that you're gonna do later?

"If you want to chase your dreams, sometimes you gotta break the rules, right?"