40 Questions I Have For Saint Mary's College
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Student Life

40 Questions I Have For Saint Mary's College

This place is un-Belle-ievable.

40 Questions I Have For Saint Mary's College
Halee Sikorski

Our glorious four week winter break is officially coming to an end. As I prepared to head back to the Bend and be greeted by the Avenue, I began thinking about our beautiful school and I realized I have a few questions for you, Saint Mary’s. Our school is great and I love you for that, but I’m still wondering about a few things...

1. Why do I have to eat this "food" from Sodexo?

2. Why isn’t there a Starbucks in the student center? ("We proudly serve” doesn’t count.)

3. How do I control the heat so my room isn’t as hot as the desert or as cold as the North Pole?

4. Speaking of temperature, why don’t we have air conditioning in our rooms?

5. Do you think Tory Burch used the French cross as inspiration for her own logo?

6. Can I please get my $245.70 of unused print money back?

7. Why is the Avenue so beautiful?

8. Why do you make room picks so stressful?

9. Why did you start construction on Angela at the end of fall?

10. Did you really have to take away half of the parking lot in the process?

11. Why does security write enough parking tickets in one day to fund my tuition for the entire semester?

12. Why do I feel like I workout in a prison gym now because of the renovations?

13. Why can’t we use our Munch Money on Eddy Street? (Domer Dollars work there, just saying.)

14. Why are there so many squirrels on campus?

15. How do I stop obsessing over my ring? Just kidding, I'm fine.

16. Can we request Beyoncé for our spring concert? #LoveOnTop

17. How do people have the nerve to write ‘St. Mary’s’?

18. Can we have personal pizza night more often?

19. Can Myron always cook my eggs?

20. Why is the wifi so bad in the library?

21. Why do we have to be located in Indiana?

22. How can I grow up to be as cool as President Cervelli?

23. Why can’t we live off campus until senior year?

24. Why is the Lake Marion fountain on in the middle of winter?

25. Why aren’t all of the tunnels open?

26. Why do we go crazy over the chicken nuggets? (They aren't even that good.)

27. What even is a Reslife?

28. Why do we have the same schedule as Notre Dame, but they get two study days instead of one?

29. Are we smarter than them because we don’t need as much time to study?

30. How do I make my Munch Money last all semester?

31. What’s Mooney up to now?

32. Why is the coffee in the library so hot?

33. Why is Midnight Breakfast only twice a year?

34. Why are we only allowed to go to Domerfest once?

35. Can we get bigger coffee cups in the DH?

36. Why is selling my Notre Dame football student section ticket worse than dealing drugs?

37. Why isn’t the Regina parking lot bigger?

38. Can you stock Cyber with an endless amount of half-baked Ben and Jerry’s?

39. Why do the laundry machines smell so bad?

40. And last, but certainly not least...why do I only get four short years here?
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