36 Questions Florida State University Needs To Answer

36 Questions Florida State University Needs To Answer

Why are all of the desks made for toddlers?

Florida State, I love you dearly. There's no doubt in my mind that you are the best university that this nation has to offer. With amazing academics, driven and kind students, phenomenal athletics, and various clubs and organizations, this school will forever amaze me. With that being said, I type this with love....Get it together FSU! I have a lot of questions that need answering.

1. Why is the traffic on Tennessee Street so miserable?

2. Can we keep Dalvin Cook forever? Please.

3. Why are we building everything BUT more parking garages?

4. What is the point of being required to purchase a textbook that I will never open?

5. Can we fix everything about the registration process? No one can ever get into the right classes.

6. Why is it impossible to swipe my card to get into Strozier when there's a line of people behind me but I have no problem doing it when I'm alone?

7. Do you want to know how many times I've almost gotten hit by a bicyclist?

8. Why didn't Smith Hall get torn down 10 years ago?

9. Can football tickets not sell out in the first window after 5 minutes?

10. Why doesn't the Starbucks' on campus accept rewards?

11. Why aren't there two Chipotles? Asking for a friend.

12. Will Blackboard ever work properly?

13. Why is the Publix on Ocala packed no matter what time it is?

14. Do I really have to buy the 13th edition of a textbook when the 12th edition is half the price?

15. Why can't anyone get financial aid when they actually need it?

16. Can anyone tell me why the Chick-Fil-A on campus closes so early?

17. Why are online classes so much more expensive than classes in person? The professor doesn't even teach!

18. When someone loses power, why is it always the restaurants on Tennessee Street?

19. Why isn't it illegal to have classes at 8 a.m. or 8 p.m.?

20. Does anyone even use the bathtubs in some of the dorms?

21. There are two libraries, but why is there never a place to study during finals?

22. What's the point of having the Wellness Center if you sit in the waiting room for 10 hours just to see a doctor?

23. Why is there furniture in some of the halls if it doesn't fit properly in the room?

24. Why are there so many hills? My calves are on fire.

25. Can the CVS on campus do cash back already?

26. Are there any more hidden bombs? I'm actually concerned.

27. Is it even legal for the McDonald's by The Strip to not give out cups for water after a certain time?

28. If classes are listed on the liberal studies website, why aren't they available when registering for classes?

29. Can we stop having games before 7 p.m.? It's 94 degrees outside.

30. Why are both gyms always packed?

31. Am I the only one who needs more 24-hour restaurants? Denny's just isn't enough.

32. How do you sleep at night knowing that I bought the required FSU edition of a textbook for $100 more than the original that is exactly the same?

33. Why can't I pay with my FSU card at Dunkin Donuts?

34. Why are all of the desks made for toddlers?

35. Can I steal every dog I see on Landis Green? Please.

36. Why is it that after considering all of these questions, FSU is still considered the best university there is?

Go Noles, baby.

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10 Priceless Life Lessons I've Learned By Age 20

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1. Don't sweat the small stuff

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2. Your parents do have a lot of wisdom

20 years seems so small compared to the amount of time my parents have been on this planet. (Sorry if you're reading this Mom and Dad) It does get tiring listening to the same stories and mistakes they've made in the past. But, most of the time though, your parents are right, and just want to prioritize your well-being and happiness. They want you to thrive and make your own mistakes of course, but at the same time, if it's possible to avoid those minor bumps in the road, why not take the time to listen to what they have to say?

3. People will surprise you

This one's really simple, but one of the most meaningful things. Especially coming into college, I realized that people and life are so unexpected. One minute you think you've got someone figured out, and then damn, they just completely change your perspective on life. Maybe you thought you would never be friends with someone, or you misjudged them from the very beginning. Go with the flow. Give people a chance.

4. It's perfectly acceptable to do things alone

This is so hard to grapple with especially if you're a people dependent person like me. Since freshman year, I've hated the idea of eating alone in the dining hall or even going out to new clubs without my roommate by my side. What I've learned is that there's nothing wrong with being independent and doing things on your own. It's honestly such a good time to reflect on yourself and escape from the stresses of the rest of the world.

5. Never change for other people

Such a cliche, but so true. If you aren't being your authentic self, you'll only suffer trying to keep that front up towards other people. So what if you feel like you don't belong, or other people ostracize you? Not only are you mistreating yourself, but you're also surrounding yourself with others who aren't worthy of your efforts. Like Ariana Grande said, "Thank You, Next."

6. Save your money (or you will regret it)

Unfortunately, this is something that I continue to struggle with. That Champion hoodie that you've been stalking on Urban Outfitters isn't worth it at all. Trust me. Save your money for future life experiences. These are just material things that won't bring extended happiness anyway.

7. Treasure your grandparents

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8. Words have consequences

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we tend to say stupid things. As I've grown up, I've learned that taking those 2 seconds to reflect on your inner thoughts and hold back what you want to say make a difference. Even if you really, really want to tell that person off, it's best to sit down and keep your mouth shut, then deal with the future consequences.

9. Love yourself

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10. God loves you, so don't worry too much

If it's difficult for you to accept the former, it's OK because someone out there does care about you. Sometimes it feels like we carry life's burdens on our own, and that no one can relate to what we are going through. Maybe people in your everyday life may not understand, but God does. Even if you don't believe in Him, he believes in you.

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