3 Ways Quarantine Brought Out My Inner Queen
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3 Ways Quarantine Brought Out My Inner Queen

The moments where I was alone, I reinvented myself, admired my life, and romanticized every passing day.

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During my bonding call with my Odyssey editor and writers, I had the opportunity to dive into how in touch with my femininity I had grown to be in. I described that I felt the most beautiful, confident, and in love with myself. It was not an arrogant or egocentric type of love, but it was a tender, fragile love. Which made me think, maybe quarantine allowed me to be gentler to myself.

Getting out of bed and moving

For many women, I have seen that they have grown to be confident, by starting with their mental health first. Daily affirmations, acceptance, and self-love - for me it was the opposite - I started working on myself physically. A few years ago I fell into a horrible depression, which resulted in me avoiding working out, wearing makeup, or dressing up. I began to work out 30 minutes a day, eating balanced meals and experimenting with my outfits at home. Adding physical activities and just getting up and moving, helped me physically feel improvement. During quarantine, I took out my dog on walks more often. Being surrounded by nature was another benefit to my physical health, I didn't get as many headaches from staring at a computer screen. I felt so empowered by these small steps. I had rediscovered who I really was as a woman, although I started with my physical health, I quickly saw a positive toll on my mental health.

Daily Affirmations

Speaking to my family, friends, and therapist, I would say my affirmations every morning. Now, don't get me wrong, I did have moments where I felt defeated or weak, but I would put on my 'Women Empowerment' playlist. I created this playlist a little bit before quarantine went into full effect because I wanted something I could drive, workout, or clean to. My playlist has artists like Rosaliá, Lana Del Rey, Kali Uchis, Lily Allen, Sabrina Claudio, Doja Cat, and Amy Winehouse. I encourage you to make some playlist or listen to a mood booster playlist. Listening, reading, or speaking about positive things helps create a positive energy to our daily lives. It's so rewarding to learn new inspiring things - through music or literature - it helps us get in touch with ourselves.

Inspired by Other Inspirational Women

Although social media was a great outlet for many (including myself) when one is bored, I found new faces to follow or subscribe to via online. I enjoyed hearing how other women included new routines, hobbies, or ideas to their daily lives. I found women my age, older and surprisingly younger than me, that inspired me. Following people who did not have the same interests as me was very beneficial. Connecting with women who are transparent with their audience, allows for open conversations. In the middle of the Breonna Taylor and George Floyd protests, it was refreshing to see influencers pause their regular content, and speak up for those who are afraid to. We are all powerful women, but sometimes seeing another woman be vocal, can be the spark that is ignited within us.

If you did not do anything for yourself during quarantine, don't fret, you can start now. Write down your goals - both mentally and physically - make them realistic to your daily life. Find art, music, literature, or films that inspire you. New information that picks your brain can be so refreshing. Connect with other women who are one step ahead, discovering themselves, or learning new things about themselves, just like you. At the end, we are openly responsible for our own well being. I hope you find your inner queen energy and radiate it every day.

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