When It Comes To Best Friends, More Isn't Necessarily The Merrier

When It Comes To Best Friends, More Isn't Necessarily The Merrier

Take it from a girl gang-less girl.


Scrolling through my instagram feed, my first couple hours back in the home of my teenage years—always an arguably bittersweet day as you realize that, while you're not a child, you're most definitely not an adult—I lazily swiped past an instagram post by Man Repeller only to immediately swipe back up a millisecond later.

Pause. Man Repeller is not a site designed to repel men as the name would suggest, it's actually a brand focused on women's fashion and lifestyle, right down to the nitty-gritty and not-so-glamorous. Welcome to your new go-to for style advice, comical reads, and well-versed musings on life.

Back to the point—this post I came across had the following quote attached with a link to a Man Repeller article by Jennifer Epperson: "I've started to shift my focus away from who I 'should be' so that I can embrace who I actually am - and this includes appreciating the fact that I don't have a huge group of friends."

As a self-proclaimed advocate for quality over quantity I gave the article a good read and pondered the question of When it comes to friendships, is more really the merrier?

Social psychology would offer you an emphatic "Absolutely!" followed by two thumbs up and a link to Bumble BFF. True, social connection is a sure-fire way to turn that frown upside down and keep yourself occupied, but, again, is it the number of friendships or the nature of those friendships you do have that leads to the greatest source of joy?

I think back to the therapist of my adolescence, and while my fond memories of her are few and far between, one doctrine of sorts she drilled into my juvenile mind was this: "If you can hold up one finger and say to yourself 'I have one true friend,' then you're luckier than most."

Reading Epperson's article this idea became all the more pertinent, especially as she mentions the mainstream idea that having a "girl squad" means the more power to you (and if you've read my past articles you know I'm not a fan of cliques).

I found myself meditating on my meaningful friendships—those with whom I've divulged my deepest rooted fears, while also feeling free enough to expose my naturally ridiculous tendencies. As I went through each of these people I adore I realized that no two are alike, many have never met, and I am more than happy with the way these friendships coexist. I concluded that the quality of your relationship is oh-so much more important than the quantity and you're more likely to establish such friendships by spending one on one time.

Large groups of friends are great, and if you have a "squad" that's been by your side through all your hardships—marvelous. If not? That's great, too. All you need is that one friend you can count on for everything and anything.

Like I said, a good number of my best friends wouldn't even recognize each other on the street—and that's fine. In having different friends rather than one big gang, you open yourself up to so much more opportunity and eliminate some of the possibility of others feeling left out. You also ensure you're never going to have to choose sides in a friendship debate and you have other unbiased outlets in times of friendship crisis.

There is no shame in not having the ever-coveted girl squad and if you fall into this category, you're not alone.

As the we find ourselves in the midst of the holiday season, it's important to appreciate the loved ones you do have, rather than those you don't (they don't matter anyway).

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An Honest Review Of ItWorks! From Someone Who Doesn't Sell The Products

No, I'm not looking for you to "join a team" or begin any challenges.

I'm sure you've seen your friends on Facebook transition from friend to salesman. Whether it be for Scentsy, LipSense, or AdvoCare; multi-level marketing companies are on the rise thanks to social media. ItWorks! remains one of the most prominent.

ItWorks! is a health and wellness company using primarily plant-based ingredients without any artificial sweeteners or coloring. Their "number one seller" is the famous body wraps but the company is mostly weight loss supplements and vitamins. The company has a passion for the natural over the synthetic. Co-founder Mark Pentecost states on the site's Our History page that "you want to know that you're putting the very best things in your body."

Since most reviews of these products come from distributors, who are therefore biased, I have reviewed three of their greatest products and one I believe you should avoid.

1. Greens™ Blend Chocolate

As a vegan, I sometimes have to double check that I'm receiving the proper nutrients. ItWorks! Greens have been saving my life lately. It contains 52 herbs and nutrient-rich superfoods as well as 34 fruits and veggies. It is meant to alkalize, balance, and detoxify.

This is my favorite product! It gives me energy and even fills in for breakfast sometimes. It honestly makes me feel great. Then again... they always said eating all your fruits and veggies would!

ItWorks! gives you those healthy servings in a delicious chocolate flavor (which is bomb with almond milk). Make sure you use a blender bottle or blender. Like many powdered supplements, it can have that grainy aftertaste.

2. Advanced Formula Fat Fighter™

The idea behind this supplement is that it’s "okay to indulge if you have your Fat Fighters." Basically, if you just must have that sweet treat or piece of bread then you can take this pill within an hour to prevent your body from absorbing the carbs and a portion of the fats. If you're anything like me, you eat what you want when you want, so you'll end up taking these pills on the daily.

The main reason I like the Fat Fighters is that they reduce cravings and I normally have such a sweet tooth!

3. ThermoFIGHT™

This product is meant to increase calorie burning, boost the rate of your metabolism, and boost your energy. Like with Greens, I definitely feel energized when I take this supplement. Not in a jittery or wired way, either.

They say "abs start in the kitchen" but I'll try and cheat the system when I can!

4. Ultimate Body Applicator™ and Defining Gel™

This is the ItWorks! claim to fame... and that ASTOUNDS me.

I used to be so skeptical of this company because of the wraps. I tried them three different times and was not impressed each time. The ultimate body applicator and defining gel are meant to tighten and tone the skin to redefine the appearance of your body’s contour. Sure, you'll receive those results... just at an outrageous price. It's an expensive product that requires a lot of re-purchasing in order to receive any drastic results. Not to mention the most drastic results are just reduction of water weight.

They're really just an overpriced skin firming lotion. I suggest finding a nice cream from Target and sitting in the sauna instead.

If your facebook-friend-turned-salesman pushes for you to buy the wraps, just remember that I warned you.

I would like to give an honorary mention to KetoCoffee (probably their second most popular item). Because it is not vegan, I have not given it a try. I have heard amazing things from multiple women, though. Most keto coffee recipes give people the shakes and amp them up too hard. I've heard that ItWorks! has perfected the recipe.

I have used the first three products for a little over three months now. Sometimes I am inconsistent and miss servings. However, I match these products with a vegan diet (mostly whole foods based) and 3-4 days of exercise. I do not have drastic results but I have lost a little over ten pounds and feel great each day. I plan to remain a customer with this company (I have Greens on Autoship!).

I feel so blessed to be a Loyal Customer with ItWorks! because I receive up to 40% off and free shipping after three months. Without this discount, I probably never would have given this company a second thought. I highly recommend going that route because, well...

Cover Image Credit: Savanah Garcia | Instagram

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I Found My Voice When I Was Diagnosed With Muscular Dystrophy

How I became a writer


I have always had a love and passion for writing since I was little. Probably as early as third grade. I would always write makeup stories about monsters and typical third-grade stuff. My third-grade teacher, Mrs. Strobbe saw my potential. Her class was hard but it pushed me to become a better writer. Rarely anyone got an A in her class and I had received an A in that class. Then as time went on, I pushed away from writing just because I didn't think I could make way with a career of writing - obviously I was wrong.

I began on the teaching path the rest of my elementary years. (Yes, I've had an idea of what I wanted to do when I was just in elementary, call me crazy.) In 6th grade, I still thought teaching was the way to go. At the time was going through a rough patch- getting spinal fusion and getting diagnosed with MD. It was a lot for a 12 or 13-year-old to handle. I had a lot of thoughts and feelings.

My mom had encouraged me to write again whether in a blog or writing in a journal. I had decided to write in a blog and it felt really good to write again. I only talked about my surgery because I wasn't quite ready to share the whole MD ordeal yet to the whole world. Close family knew but my friends had no clue.

I got into high school and students even teachers would ask me "Why are you riding the elevator?" Why this and that. I didn't really share much because I was afraid people would think differently of me. But I was tired of people asking me. I then wrote a piece on social media and put my story out there for the world and it felt amazing. I finally found my voice and I was loving writing more than ever. It was because I had the courage to speak up and stop hiding. I needed to share what I have been through and teach people to learn to embrace what they've got no matter who you are. I wanted to be the person to make a positive impact on people who have diseases and those who don't understand what it's like having a disability through the power of writing. I wanted to have the power to tell people's unique stories who may be afraid to speak up for themselves or share their story.

My goal when I write is to hopefully make a difference in someone's life or just someone that can be relatable. In high school, I am also highly involved in publications ie being Co-Editor-In-Chief for the Magazine for the last four years and it was a huge game changer as well, I never thought that I could make a living and realistically have a job In the journalism field. Being in publications was an eye-opener. It lead me to so many opportunities- writing for Newsboys, going to Mizzou for Journalism field trips etc. It made me fall in love with writing even more than I had. For me, writing is everything to me and I know I wouldn't be the same person or even the writer I am today without sharing my story.

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