37 Thoughts Had While Watching Season 3 Of "Riverdale"
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37 Thoughts I Had While Watching Season 3 Episode 7 Of "Riverdale"

This show is the most insane piece of pure art that I've ever encountered.

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We've seen romance, comedy, drama, mystery, and murder, but season 3 of Riverdale takes it all to an entirely different level. We have a knock-off of DND, seemingly supernatural forces at work, a whole lot of seizures, and, well, Archie being Archie. The latest episode was nothing short of insane, and it's all leading up to the mid-season finale, airing on December 12th. Pull up the episode, kick-back, and relive the most heinous moments of this last episode with me.

1) You're dead right Jughead. Archie has proven completely helpless and Betty has proven completely bad-ass.

Betty Cooper in RiverdaleRefinery29

2) Why does this 12 year-old have a gun again? That's not legal/okay...

3) I love that the two names that pop into Jughead's mind right away are Cal and Biff. Freaking Biff.

4) What on earth is happening? Is this Zombieland?

5) Archie please. Just one episode without taking off your shirt or a romantic pursuit.

6) Once again, Archie please. You're falling for some random girl after five seconds and are trusting her with a razor blade behind your back? Beyond naive.

7) SERIOUSLY YOU ARE UNDERCOVER ARCHIE ANDREWS. You are the person who would ruin every Secret Santa party.

8) Okay, now's about the time to take Archie and leave town Jug, considering all the demonic symbols and everything.

9) Hahaha, Archie you deserved that one. I'm not even mad. Make the chick with the frying pan a series regular.

Rapunzel and her Frying Pan in 'Tangled'Fiverr

10) "Or we could stay and fight." What is this show. Archie, you aren't a member of The Warriors. They have guns and you have a knife wound that has healed suspiciously quickly.

11) Please listen to Jughead, Archie. He has a much better track record than you.

12) "Would Veronica ever forgive you?" Yes, because upsetting Veronica is the top reason you shouldn't commit murder.

13) I love that Jughead can run just as fast as Archie, the all-star athlete/workout freak. That's epic.

14) Reggie is talking to Veronica like the neighborhood bartender in an old school private eye movie and I love it.

Reggie Mantle in RiverdaleGiphy

15) How old are these kids again? How are they legally allowed to run a casino or a business for that matter?

16) "Are you angry about something?" - Hiram Lodge 2018 QUOTE OF THE YEAR. He's despicable and iconic.

17) Veronica, never thought I'd say this, but put the deed away and call your father for help please.

18) Never mind, V, you're a savage. We stan.

19) I'm loving the Reggie/Ronnie dynamic. Not going to lie.

20) Oof. Like father like daughter.

21) Pop handing out truths over here.

22) Betty, you poor girl. How are you even standing after the trauma you've dealt with.

23) LOL Ethel talking about getting hot and heavy with Jughead in the bunker actually had me rolling.

24) This is amazing. It's like Gossip Girl hit up the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

Blair Waldorf in Gossip GirlGIPHY

25) Betty's thank you face is me when the bartender hands me my vodka dash.

26) Betty's inner monologue is me trying to silently analyze every episode of Riverdale.

27) Betty is just me actually.


29) That fake seizure was seriously impressive. Betty should become an actress.

30) How is it possible that this girl can make a key out of literally any metal object?

31) Nothing good ever comes from going into a basement, Betty.


33) I miss the old Ethel. The one that was just pissed she didn't get the role of Carrie in the musical.

Ethel Muggs in RiverdaleElite Daily

34) Leave Betty Cooper alone.

35) The worst part of all of this is I'm still more worried about Archie screwing things up elsewhere because Betty can bounce back from EVERYTHING.

36) Betty, stop. No, really, stop.


Rachel Berry in GLEEGiphy

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