Qualities Of An Ideal Woman

She got—to have a fat ass.

Not a lot though,
I ain’t tryna suffocate.
Just enough to make that arch pop.
There gotta be room for a thigh gap
Make that cute camel toe more obvious

You feel me?

I want her to be a freak, son
She can’t be having too many sexual partners
But like, she can’t be a virgin either
I can’t deal with all that inexperience
So like, a lady on the street but a freak in the bed.

You know what I mean?

She need to be Mrs. Independent.
Not like all them annoying ass feminist out here.
So like, she can be a full housewife
But won’t sit around all day like a bum
Pretty much, she gotta have my back financially when needed

You get it right?

I’d like her to have and nurture my football team Bro
But her boobs can’t be saggy
and her stomach can’t be fat
She has to maintain that slim thick, cute ass body
So I can continue to show her off.

Make sense?

She has to be educated
Just enough to defend and speak for herself
but not to talk back at me
because you know, I’m the man
I don’t want no dumb-ass though

Ain’t nobody got time for all that.

My woman cannot be a nag, oh no sir!
She gotta be cool with me hanging with my boys
She can do the same with her girls
It’ll have to be limited though
I don’t need her getting influenced negatively

You following me?

She has to always look bomb as fuck
I don’t want revealing her body
Or using too much makeup and fake products
She has to slay every female naturally
So I don’t feel like I’m missing out.

You dig?

She can’t be too dark with nappy ass hair
She can’t be too light skin either
One has too much attitude
And the other one is just bitter
I need a balance between

I don’t want her stressing me about a relationship or worse marriage.
She need to stay loyal and committed to me though.
She don’t need to be worrying about how or what I’m doing
She just need to know I will make her wifey
When I’m ready. If, she is the one.

Honestly, I am not really asking for much
so I don’t get why many of these girls be tripping
They stay asking for mad extra
That’s word to everything.

To the offended,

Don’t look at me like that.
Like I am being mean
Like I am trying to put you down
By putting your thoughts before you

Don’t act like you don’t let your
Impossible idea of perfection
Focus on what they say
her imperfection is
Don’t get mad either that i’m calling you out on it.

I have no remorse for your being offended
It's nothing compared to the girls
who constantly battle self hate
because of the ideas you encourage
You can either wallow in your anger or

Step up and be the Change!

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