17 Thoughts Every College Girl Has During Her First Pure Barre Class
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17 Thoughts Every College Girl Has During Her First Pure Barre Class

I am going to become an expert at this whole 'tuck' thing by the end of class.

17 Thoughts Every College Girl Has During Her First Pure Barre Class
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After watching Monica Church's vlogs, I decided to give Pure Barre a shot.

Keep in mind that I do not like to think of myself as an athlete whatsoever, but I DO believe that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. In case you're not familiar with Pure Barre, well, all you really need to know for this article is that it is a challenge. But it is SO worth it! I am starting to appreciate the workouts more and can't wait to see where they take me, mentally and physically.

This is just me poking a little bit of fun at what was running through my head during my first class.

1. "I always thought coordinating your arm and leg movements was easy - I was wrong."

I know for a fact that I looked like an idiot doing the first few moves. You gotta start somewhere, right?

2. "I am going to become an expert at this whole 'tuck' thing by the end of class."

If you want to get technical, a tuck is, "a movement that involves contracting the abs back causing the hips to rotate forward to elongate the spine." It feels awkward the first time you do it, but it starts to feel more natural as you keep going along with it.

3. "Damn, I didn't know I had a muscle there."

Seriously, where did that pain even come from? I dunno, but I'm gonna keep going because I don't want to look weak.

4. "I am going to strangle this resistance band."

First, you gotta put one loop around one ankle and then another around your foot and then suddenly you're somehow tangled but everything is moving so quickly and you just don't know how to feel. Same girl, same.

5. "My instructor keeps staring at me. I'm just waiting for her to come over and say I'm doing it all wrong."

Trying to copy everyone else sounds smart, but after awhile, you start to realize that it's just better to focus on every word your instructor is saying.

6. "OMG, she just gave me a compliment - go me!"

I guess I don't suck after all! Watch out, everybody. I have arrived.

7. "This is SO hard, I'm going to fall over."

Bending here, bending there, it doesn't look so bad, right? NO. I will never underestimate the power of a small movement again.

8. "Holy shit, why am I shaking so much?"

Are you really working hard enough if your body isn't shaking a million times? Probably not. Keep on shaking.

9. "These thirty-something-year-old women in here move faster than me."

This makes you feel out of place, yet you have to remember that the only person you're really competing with is yourself. Don't compare your first class to someone's hundredth class.

10. "I'm trying to think about how good I'm going to look for myself but all I can think about is queso...and a burger. A burger sounds really good right now."

When you feel like you're burning hundreds of calories (which you probably are), of course, you're thinking about how you're going to treat yourself afterward.

11. "We get to sit down? Thank God!"

Bring out the mats, YES!

12. "This isn't yoga, damn it."

Just kidding, I can't lift my legs that high in the air. Can I just lay here and not have anyone judge me?

13. "Nope, just more pain sitting down."

You're almost there, you're almost there.

14. "How am I going to get up?"

Just give me another minute, please. I swear l am better than this.

15. "Don't mind me holding onto this barre for dear life."

Yes, my palms are sweating profusely. Do I care? No, I am doing the damn thing! I will never let go.

16. "I really need to buy those socks that have the little grips on the bottom."

When you finally decide to purchase your first month after completing a week and realize you still need to buy the magical socks that keep you from sliding all over the carpet.

17. "I might need to be carried to my car."

I know, I know, it's not that far away, but I could use all the help that I can get.

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