Pros And Cons Of Having An Older Brother
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Pros And Cons Of Having An Older Brother

Sibling Goals?

Pros And Cons Of Having An Older Brother
Sam Giardina

There's one pretty simple word to describe having an older brother when you're the younger sister in the family and that's protective. Of course, he's going to be protective over his little sister. In my case I'm three years younger than my brother so there's only a bit of a difference there.

The question is, is it good or bad that your older brother might be a little protective over you. Well, there are pros and cons.

His Friends

Pro. It's always nice....for some have a bunch of older guys around who are friends with your brother. In my case, I'd say otherwise. I wouldn't say that they're exactly my type... Anyway, in other ways I love it because I'm actually good friends with some of my brother's friends and automatically they might become somewhat protective over you as well. But overall you do get to have a bunch of pretty attractive guys for you maybe not for me...but hey preferences, right?

Following His Footsteps

Con. Personally, it's extremely annoying having an older brother who might be a good influence in some cases and having to almost follow in his footsteps in order to not be seen as the "bad child." Maybe he does good in school, and plays a lot of sports, or has a steady job. It almost forces you to want to do just as good or even better than him so your parents don't look at you as if you're the younger, "bad child."

300 Day Snap Streak

Pro. I snapchat my brother every day and I don't even know how we got to have such a long snapchat streak. But having someone to just talk to every day if you want is such a plus.

The Fighting

Con. Alright, so maybe the fighting is absolutely terrible sometimes but it always gets better. The fights about him acting like your mother are constant but that's what comes with having an overprotective older brother. He might tell you to physically get out of the car when you're literally 30 minutes away from home. Or maybe you accidentally punch him in the face because you're so pissed. It happens, that's what older brothers are for, right?

Matching Tattoos

Pro! If you're really close with your sibling and you love tattoos I highly recommend getting a matching one because not only is it absolutely adorable but it really shows how close you are to your family. My brother and I got one right when I turned 18, I could not wait and I love it.

Your Friends

Con. I could not tell you the number of times I have told my brother to go for girls his own age or maybe a girl that wasn't my best friend. It might get awkward knowing that your brother and your best friend kissed on a truth or dare right in front of your face but hey it happens. I suggest not having your older brother date your friends, might cause some problems but I mean, up to you.

Sibling Goals

Honestly just having a sibling you can be close to is personally such a pro to me. I absolutely adore my brother and even if we might be three years apart we're still so close and I love it. He knows so much about my life, even more than some of my close friends. I would say having a sibling you can go to to talk about absolutely anything with is a plus no matter the age or gender. I can honestly say I actually bawled my eyes out when I left for school specifically because I knew I wasn't going to see him every day. You miss them like crazy and it's insane how much of an influence your older brother can have on your life. Your roommate might surprise you with him on your birthday and you'll bawl your eyes out a second time because you missed him so much. But, in the end, having an older brother can be the absolute best person in your life.

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