Pros And Cons Of Living In Nashville Tennessee
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Pros And Cons Of Living In Nashville Tennessee


Pros And Cons Of Living In Nashville Tennessee

Most call it it the Music Country, Las Vegas addicts call it Nashvegas, food-lovers have named it the Hot Chicken Capital, hockey fans went for Smashville, people moving to Nashville call it Cashville or Athens of the South. One thing in common across all namings is the charming and high quality of life Nashville offers.

With a diversified economy, mainly focusing in music industry, healthcare, finance, insurance - Nashville brings the big bucks to the state. There is also a big pie of commerce, mainly in retail trade, publishing and manufacturing. As one of the biggest epicenters of economy in South-Eastern America, Nashville is home to 712,543 people. The population is growing year after year and a big contribution to that is made by people moving to Nashvile rather than people living in Nashville.

Today we will cover all pros and cons of living in Nashville Tennessee as well as give you a final recap if this the next perfect move for you.

Country Music - Attractions, Bars, Restaurants And Endless Fun Weekends In Nashville

Anytime I think about Nashville, I can’t let go without mentioning the Nashville as the heart of American country music. There is a whole community build around it, with bars, restaurants and other attractions that perfectly match the country music vibe.

To be more specific, much of the recording and music production is made in an area of downtown called Music Row. As we mentioned bars, restaurants and tourist attraction being built around the music theme - a real life example of that is Country Music Hall of Fame or Museum and the Ryman Auditorium.

Every June the International Country Music Fan Fair is held - here fans can meet, cheer, party, listen to music and take autographs from their favorite musicians.

Fun Fact: Elvis Presley recorded more than 200 songs in Nashville.

If we were to consider the cost of living in Nashville Tennessee, it has a lower cost of living than Denver, Austin, and Portland. These cities offer similar incomes and quality of life. Furthermore, Nashville offers inexpensive housing with a median rent of $1,200 and a median house sale price of $331,000. As a state, Tennessee has minimal property taxes which keeps it’s real estate market low. As more people move to Nashville, the real estate market is competitive.

Pro: High Income

One of the most important aspects when it comes to moving to Nashville Tennessee is high income. This is what attracts most of people moving to Nashville. To begin with, we said that Nashville has a booming and diversified economy - there is space and opportunity for everyone looking to move to Nashville.

The median household income in Nashville is $55,873 a year. Despite being below national average this still accounts as good income thanks to the lower cost of living. On top of that, Nashville offers high income jobs. According to data more than 55% of the population brings home +$75,000. The low end of data is unbiased because of people moving out or low income student jobs. For instance, 5.1% of people living in Nashville bring home $150,000 - $200,000 a year.

Con: High Competitivness In Job Market

Over 70,000 people have moved out to Nashville for the past 2 years. With high income focus, it becomes easier for employers to pick the best employee. Vice versa happens for the employee - if not properly prepared for a career change, missing skills or a kickstater in a new career, Nashville job market can be harsh. As mentioned above the median income for people living in Nashville ca be unbiased because of different distribution of incomes. One good thing about moving in Nashville Tennesse is that you will no longer be liable for individual income tax.

Pro: One Of The Best Education Systems In All Of US

Getting back to where we said some people like to say Athens of the south. The naming comes from the 30 high education institutes in Tennesse. There is also notable Greek-style building found across all of Nashville but the naming was mainly based to the education roots.

If you are looking to move out to a state based on education only, Nashville should be on your bucket list. Universities like Vanderbilt University have a long list of academicas that have had a huge impact in the American community.

Con: Public Transportation Lacks Behind

Another con of moving to Nashville is transportation. The only form of public transport is by taking the bus. Good thing is there is $1 one way ticket fares but getting to places becomes a hustle as you have to change multiple buses.

If you’re considering to move to Nashville you should definitely consider having a car. The story does not end here, as just having a car does make the cut because you should also put trafficking and average commuting time into consideration. The infrastructure in Nashville makes it impossible for people to walk - this is also not good for businesses as people have to take an Uber/Lyft ride just to cross the street.


To wrap up, is moving to Nashville Tennesse a good decision or not? We believe that there is more pros than there is cons when it comes to Nashville. Like most other US state there is crime being commited at diffrent levels but Nashville is generally safe. Combining low unemployment rate, low cost of living and appreciating real estate value we believe you should start planning out your move. To help you with that you might consider getting estimates from moving companies Nashville as well as plan ahead interviews for jobs.

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