A Local's Guide to Nashville ​
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A Local's Guide to Nashville ​

Headed to Music City? Check out my tips and tricks as a local to make the most out of your trip.

A Local's Guide to Nashville ​

This article is a response to "Selfish Twenties".

Nashville has become one of the top places to visit in America. TripAdvisor.com ranked it #5 in best destinations for city lovers in March 2022. When visiting a new city, there can be a lot to it. Between deciding where to stay, where to eat, where to explore and then trying to cram it all into the time frame of your stay, it can become overwhelming. Just type into Google "the best things to do in Nashville" and you are flooded with countless options of touristy things to do. No fear! I have racked up some of my top things to do and how to do it when visiting the country capitol of the world.

When it comes to picking a place to stay, it is best to be close to all the action. I am bias to the Westin Hotel downtown because my uncle architected it with his team and it has the best sunset view of the city in my opinion. The Westin has an elegant flare with a a bohemian twist. Journey up to the rooftop and you will be in for a treat. There is an infinity pool and also cabana huts for a private lounging experience. The Westin is walkable to Broadway but is not in the fray of nightlife noise.

Now where to eat? For brunch, Party Fowl, where they are known for their Nashville hot chicken and integrate it into an amazing brunch menu, Loveless Cafe for the free, made from scratch biscuits, Le Peep which is a hidden local favorite nestled in the quiet neighborhood of Belle Meade, Adeles for the all you can eat upscale buffet, and tucked away Cafe Coco for some fresh brewed coffee and an assortment of pastries, breakfast bowls and even live music. For lunch, M.L. Rose for crafted beers and burgers, Hattie B's for hot chicken and some of the best mac n' cheese you'll ever have, Ole Red's rooftop for spacious views of downtown Broadway, Elliston Soda Shop for old fashioned malted milkshakes, 5 Points Pizza for some of the freshest local zaa you will ever have and even though it is a bit touristy, 5th and Broadway has an open food court with local Nashville eateries.

Where to explore? Cheekwood Estate and Botanical Gardens is a 55 acre scene of flowers and tailored grounds, Natchez Trace Bridge for a scenic drive and view of the valley, Game Terminal to get your fix of arcade and outdoor games, any live music venue on Broadway but I do prefer Kid Rocks, Acme, Luke Bryans, Underground and Casa Rosa. To get some fresh air, head to PercyWarnerPark or LakeRadnor where you can escape the bustling environment of downtown. Other areas to explore are Hillsboro Village, 12 South and Green Hills for shopping, and Ole Smoky and Liepers Fork Whiskey Distillery to learn the magic behind the drink.

These are some of my favorite places in and around Nashville. Use this as a guide to curate your trip. There is so much culture to explore around Nashville and as a favorite place for young adults to come, you will soon see why that is the case!

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