Boobs. We all love them. They come in all shapes and sizes and some women are proud and some women wish for more in the mammary area. I, a big breasted women, can feel the struggle and proudness that comes with this hellish curse. So, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here is my list of 10 pros and cons of big boobs.


1.You Can Fill A Shirt Out Better.

You’d be surprised how many girls I hear complain about how they can’t fill out the top of their shirts properly. “I wish I had bigger boobs. Maybe, my shirt would look better.” Believe it or not, this is a real problem for women with, “smaller assets”. Filling out shirts was never really a problem. I never had to worry about what size shirt would make my chest look better. Though that was the least of my problems in life so far.


2. The “Gap” Problem

Every big breasted women knows what I’m talking about. I may have never had problems filling out a shirt, but I can speak for many when I say that button down shirts was something I had to be cautious of. I always have to take into consideration the size of the shirt and actually try it on before buying it just to make sure I wouldn’t be flashing anyone my bra anytime soon. As a girl who adores flannels, you can see the problem here.


3. Having A Constant Cushion For Everything.

This might be weird, but I literally put everything on my boobs. When I have no more room in my hands to hold stuff, I can always balance things between my boobs and neck for the time being. Papers? Laid perfectly on top. Playing soccer? I’ve never been better at cushioning something to settle and control. I personally think that was my strong point of the team.


4. Bra Padding

The topic of Bras is an entirely other blurb but, let me just say this. Why so much padding? I promise you, we don’t need this much. It’s like I have a personal floating device when I wear a swimsuit and it makes my boobs look obnoxiously bigger than they already are! Please, from a girl with big breasts, WE DON’T NEED THAT MUCH PADDING!!!


5.“Boobie Heat”

With Great Boobs, comes Great Warmth! Having big boobs gives you more body heat than the next itty bitty girl. During the winter, you are sure to be warmer and more cozy than any of you small boobied friends! Think of them as Chest Warmers!


6. Sometimes They Get Too Warm.

As a girl who has played sports since a good part of her life, I know what the term “boob sweat” means to a lethal degree. Grey shirts should be avoided when running, not for the back, for the front. Bands of bras and sports bras get ruined quicker than others. After sweating for too long the smell… It just isn’t great.



I know that grandmas give the best hugs, but have you ever hugged a woman with big boobs? Well, we give great hugs! The built in cushion on our chests makes not only a good pillow for the person you’re hugging, but will also give that comforting feeling that everyone needs sometimes. We’ve been blessed, who doesn’t love hugs?


8. That Guy…

You know what I’m talking about. That one creep who always wants a hug just to feel them. It’s not cool man. They aren’t there just so you can press against them! They’re sensitive too, so I will get mad next time, okay? Plus, some girls just don’t like hugs, so how about you back off. Chill… Jeez


9. Free Things Debacle.

Okay so, I know this might be a little less- feminist of me, but I generally like free things. Free Food, Free Clothes, Free Drinks (Non-Alc of Course!). But I never know what to do when a guy gives me free things or lowers the prices of things significantly because of my boobs. And don’t give me that, “You might just be nice to him in a bad day” or “ He might just like you,” the guy is obviously looking at my boobs. I see it, he knows I see it, it’s obvious. But what do I do?

It’s extremely degrading to know that the only reason I’m getting this is because I have big boobs and he finds enough entertainment in them to pretty much “Pay me back” with a free meal or with an “Employee Discount”, but can I say I mind? I mean, yes, sometimes I do mind and I do tell them that I do and pay anyway, but… I like free stuff!

I mean, it sucks sometimes, but when I’m running short on cash or I accidentally spend too much than I wanted, it kind of helps… I am in no way condoning it and I really do think it should stop, but again… who doesn’t like free stuff???


10. Bras, Sports Bras, and Sports

I have to say this, any sport where you have to run, I might even say any sport period, is a struggle for big chests. First, finding the right bra. It is so hard to find a nice bra. All the cute ones aren’t in my size. The ones that are my size look like my mom should be wearing it. If I do happen to find one, I always have to buy ones with underwire and after a while, it decides to shank you in the sides.

Then when it comes to sports bras, those are even more elusive to find. Especially one that cooperates with all the sports I play and hope to guy it doesn’t stretch out after a while. The “Running Test” is a must before finding the perfect sports bra. Will they stay in place? Do I sag? Are they going to hit me in the face? There is way more that goes into this.

Then there’s sports that put everything to the test. I have to make sure I don’t look stupid if I run around because my boobs are weighing me down and I don’t want my back to hurt more than it already does. If I swim, I have major drag, track is a no-go, soccer I get hit in the boobs 247. Volleyball, I fall on them a lot, basketball, I just look stupid. It just ain’t happening coach. I’m guessing rugby isn’t going to be that great either, is it?

So today we all learned somethings about the struggles and splendids of big boobed women, but that doesn’t mean you should be comfortable with your boobs size. These were given to women for us to take pride in and for you men with breast, enjoy in the gift with us.

But in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please take the time this month to get checked or administer a self-check exam. There is no solid research that says that Breast Cancer is tied with breast size, so please, everyone, make it a job to go and make sure to get checked ASAP! Your health depends on it!