Propagating Plants

Propagation is life, literally. Propagating is when you create a new plant from cuttings and it's been my newest obsession because you can propagate virtually any plant easily. It's easy and basically free, all you need is a healthy growing plant and water or soil. Also, time is a factor. That's because plants need time to grow new roots and set themselves up, after that well, they're good to go.

It's so strange nowadays that we buy most of our herbs and plants at a store and either use them all up or keep them in the pot for the rest of its hopefully long life. However, those plants are herbs can easily be bought once and be reproduced forever and ever and…

Point is I've recently gotten into propagation and it's like my eyes have been opened. There are dozens of plants I don't buy anymore, I just clone them and keep the good stuff coming more or less for free. If you're not propagating your plants, you're definitely missing out. Here are jus

Create More Plants

The most basic reason to propagate a plant is to grow lore plants. Houseplants like succulents and snake plants are super easy to propagate and the more you have, the closer you are to turning your home into the coveted urban jungle. If you're into that of course, plant clutter is the only kind of clutter I can tolerate because it makes a house look inviting when it's full of happy plants. Also if the owner has a knack for air-purifying plants, you'll feel the difference. The house will be airy and breezy versus some musty smells you'd catch in other cluttered homes.

Free Gifts

Propagating is cheap enough but if you know people who'd appreciate a plant as a gift. BOOM, free gift. Sure it takes some planning but I have given plants as gifts before, and if you're smart and propagate early enough, you'll have full-grown gifts to share during the holidays. I'd recommend gifting plants you can't easily find at the store if you have them or gorgeous blooming plants like Anthuriums which are easy to care for and propagate easily.

Save A Life

If you're new to plant parenthood then chances are you've killed a plant or two. Well so what, it comes with the territory, just call it growing pains and move on. Sometimes things go wrong and these plants are alive although they can't say what's wrong with them. So when things go south, no matter how much research you do it's all about trial and error. If you have a plant which you've grown attached to. Trust me, it happens. And things go south and you don't know how to fix it, propagate it. It's a simple solution and you can save your baby while you're troubleshooting the mother plant.

Fresh Herbs On Demand

You can hop into a store, buy some basil and have fresh pesto whenever you're heart desires. I've done it, although I bought a basil plant and it's been about a month since I got it and I've got about three plants already. I use a grow light because I want them to grow baby grow! I did the same with mint and planted a few outdoors. The mint was easy I basically planted the mother outside and propagate the babies indoors until their ready to plant.

Spruce Up Your Plant

Another reason to propagate is if you want to do some plant architecture. When you go to a nursery and see all the plants looking nice, manicured and full in their pots. Well, they don't grow like that, sorry to burst your bubble. Those nice full plants are likely to be propagated cuttings arranged to look like that. Which means you can too when your plants start growing funny and leaning all over the place while pruning trim some cuttings and make your pot look nice and full.

Propagating is an easy way to practice your green thumb and grow your plant family without extending your wallet. Don't be afraid to put scissors to your plant, it's a mutually beneficial process and you'll be better for it.

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