To Everyone Who Has Never Had A Valentine, I Understand

Dear beautiful person,

I feel you.

I am the girl who has never had a Valentine, been kissed under the mistletoe, or had a midnight kiss of the New Year. I'm a holiday virgin you may say. It's rough, I know, but it's also gonna be okay.

It sounds cheesy and I know you've heard it a million times, but the right person is out there somewhere. Every holiday is an excuse to mope around because you're single and ready to mingle, but there's nobody in your life at the moment to mingle with. That or they're completely oblivious to your feelings.

You may have pretty much, tried everything from joining 5 dating websites including Tinder to dying your hair a different color but nothing seems to work. And it sucks.

I really wish I could tell you that this Valentine's day, "The One" is going to sweep you off your feet and you're going to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after, but I can't. I'm not a psychic, which is another thing you may have tried... I won't tell anyone.

I am here to tell you though, stop using holidays as an excuse to mope around. There are so many better things to do! As for me, I curl up on the couch and spend Valentine's day with three of my favorite things: hot cocoa, cookies, and the Winchester brothers.

If you don't want to feel lonely there's always friends and family. Give them a call or a visit. Friends and family make everything better. Have a Galentines day! It'll be fun! And if you're the "single friend" then celebrate Galentines day after the 14th when chocolate is 50% off!!

And for the rest of the holidays, I know it flipping sucks that your family is going to ask a bazillion times if you're seeing anybody, but that's what family does! It's only because they care, trust me.

Life, unfortunately, is not a Hallmark movie. You may never have a meet-cute or have your Christmas spirit reinstated by a hot prince or lumberjack, but I do believe in love.

I believe in happily ever after. And it's really hard to keep optimistic, I haven't had a date for, gosh, nearing 5 years now. And I know girls who are nearing graduation and have never had a single significant other.

Waiting really, REALLY, sucks. But, just think how great it's going to be when that special someone does come along. Think about how epic it's going to be when that person you think is attractive, notices you back.

That day will come. Whether it's this Valentine's day or years from now. It's going to happen. So keep positive. Be yourself. Be confident.

It's so important to keep or even work on gaining self-confidence. Once you love yourself, that certain someone might just fall in love with you too.

I wish everyone out there the best of luck in their romantic endeavors. Who knows, maybe this year will be your lucky year.

Sincerely, a cheesy romantic gal

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