As a a teacher I promise

To love

To defend

No matter what

You believe in

You are

I will stand up front to show you how to far

No matter where you come from

The color of your hair

scars you may bare

The pain on your hearts

I won't give up on you

All I care is that you try

I promise to


To listen

Teach you to live

There will be times when you do not understand

And that is okay,

We will just walk hand in hand

Somedays you may walk in hungry

Without a pencil

Angry with me

But no matter what I won't ever stop

Stop trying to make sure you know your voice matters

In this crazy world of ours

It always has, and it always will

Everything may seem hopeless and lost

But I promise you no matter the cost

I will give you the tools to believe in a future

One that defies the odds you've been told

A future you can strive for

Where you see yourself as I see you

There is only one thing that I ask of you

You come to my class, and you try.

That is all I ask