Hey 2017.

I can't believe you're already here. How 365 days can go buy so quickly, I will never understand. I really hope, for your sake, that you're better to the world that 2016 was. World-shattering events happened. Huge changes of power are occurring. So many brilliant artists and revolutionaries left us in 2016. 2016 just wasn't the best year for our world. So I think we're all hoping that 2017 will be better to us.

But I know that you won't let this come easily. We all need to take a serious look at ourselves and commit ourselves to our morals and values if we want to see real, positive change in our personal lives and in the world that we live in. So I'm taking it upon myself to be the change I want to see in the world. Here are my promises to you, 2017.

I promise to take better care of myself, to drink more water, to move more, and to finally accept my lactose intolerance and eat less cheese.

I promise to be more patient, to spread more kindness, and to take deep breaths before I speak.

I promise to read more, to pursue legitimate news sources, and get my news from non-partisan sources.

I promise to seek more creativity and to let my imagination soar.

I promise to speak out when the silence is deafening.

I promise to get more sleep, to go to bed earlier, and get up earlier.

I promise to save more money.

I promise to help those who are in need and give more than I take.

I promise to cook more and eat out less.

I promise to try and rebuild broken relationships but to be cognizant of when those bridges are burnt.

I promise to use my voice for good, to share my stories and the stories of those who don't have the same freedom, and write day and night like I'm running out of time.

I promise to listen to more music and sing every day.

I promise to stay tidy, to get rid of what I don't love, and to spend money on experiences, not things.

I promise to be a better friend, to make more plans, and to communicate more.

I promise to make myself more accountable, to write things down, and to use less excuses.

I promise to stop pursuing people who don't give me the same respect.

I promise to conserve more and seek more sustainable products.

I promise to stop blaming outside sources for any unhappiness and misfortunes.

I promise to seek more joy and love and kindness.

Those are my promises to you, 2017. I hope these contributions will help make the world a little kinder. So long 2016, here's hoping the New Year is better.