Here are a few tips from a College student on productivity
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A Few Ways To Be More Productive for the Semester

Staying productive in college can be challenging, here are a few ways that I use to stay productive.

A Few Ways To Be More Productive for the Semester
Gillian Pena

College is all about a time to teach yourself how to adult....

One key thing in adulting is being productive. Here are my tips and tricks to stay as productive as possible.


Organization by kristen bell


I can honestly not count the amount of times I had to shuffle MULTIPLE times through drawers, bags, and stacks just for one document. When I organize it digitally, it makes looking for a certain item so much easier! I also have storage bins! They can be so cute in your room and help keep thinks in their place.

2.  Wake Up and Go to Bed Consistently

Cinderella and Birds if they could talk


When I go to bed and wake up around the same time every day, I get happier. It makes me feel more well-rested and productive. It is much easier to keep up with a morning routine if you aren't sleeping in till 1pm. If you feel like you cannot fall asleep easily enough, take melatonin! I take Olly restful sleep gummies.

3.  Have a Morning Routine

moisturize ladies and gents


I thrive off having a solid morning routine. I usually wake up, wash my face, put on my skin care products (side note a skin care routine is ALWAYS a good idea), brush my teeth then go on to make my breakfast and get ready for the rest of the day. Even having that much order in your life helps you feel better about your day.

4.  Make your Bed

How I wish making your bed went...


Making your bed when you wake up is key!!! When I do it, personally it deters me from getting back into bed. Usually after I do this ill clean up my room and straighten up my house.

5.  Make Breakfast!!!!!

Cute Pancake breakfast


Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day. It sets the tone for the rest of your day! I would recommend eating something that has nutritional value. I always love coffee with almond milk with Avocado and egg on Ezekiel bread. I feel like giving my Body a good amount of healthy fats, carbs, and protein helps me stay fuller longer throughout the day.

6.  Be a morning Gym Goer

Being Healthy is always in style


Honestly, I know people reading this are think "Hell to the no" but going to the gym is something we need to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keeping our mental and physical health in check. Personally, when I get home after a long day, the last thing I want to do is get up and go back to do something else. When I go in the morning it seems to go by way faster as well as give me a nice endorphin boost for the day.



Geez I cannot stress this enough. When I use my planner it so much easier to plan out your days and keep up with events and due dates. Whenever I find myself not using my planner or the calendar on my phone, I miss events, are late or miss due dates which causes me to stress out. By writing it down, I am less frazzled and can have easy breezy days.

This is my personal way to help stay on top of ish but I recommend you use some of these ideas to adapt in your lives! I read a lot on how to increase productivity so what I have laid out is how I adapt that into my life.

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