21 Ways To Be Productive Over Winter Break

Now that the stress and business of the semester is over, now is the time to kick back and veg out – or is it? While I enjoy a break from school as much as the next overwhelmed college student, a month is quite a long time to just lounge around your house and do nothing. It's the perfect time to get ahead and get some important things done before all the craziness resumes in the spring. Here's some ideas if you want to be productive during your winter break.

1. Set a schedule and stick to it

If you're working a job, it might be difficult to set a regular schedule, but try to set goals for the day.

2. Clean your room

No doubt it's been neglected far too long.

3. Clean out your closet

Maybe you'll find some cute shirts you forgot you owned or find some things you don't love anymore. You could also make room for whatever clothes you'll get at Christmas.

4. Reorganize something

Chances are there's something that has fallen into disarray.

5. Go somewhere for a day, or a weekend

It's always fun to leave town and go someplace new.

6. Watch a movie you’ve always wanted to see

Now's the chance to tackle your Netflix watchlist that's gotten impossibly long.

7. Find and binge a new YouTube channel

Prepare to lose hours of your life.

8. Read a book, or a whole series

It's such a relief to read books that you actually want to read after spending a semester reading stuff you're not really interested in.

9. Hang out with your friends

Catch up on everyone's lives and have a good time.

10. Spend time with family

Have a movie or game night and fill them in on what you've been up to this semester.

11. Listen to some holiday music

Listening to some festive tunes always puts me in a Christmas mood.

12. Bake a sweet treat

Instead of watching your mom bake her awesome chocolate chip cookies, do it yourself. Just try not to eat all the cookie dough.

13. Learn a new instrument

It'll take more than a month to perfect your playing, but it's enough time to learn the basics.

14. Write something

Whether it's a blog entry, poem, short story, or journal entry, writing is a therapeutic way to spend time.

15. Do some yoga

I'm not a yogi by any means, but in the few times I've done yoga, I've enjoyed it and would love to do it more.

16. Volunteer

Chances are with the holiday season, there'll be a lot of opportunities in your area. Plus, it'll look great on a resume.

17. Sleep

You've certainly deserved it.

18. Update your resume

Reflect on what you've done in the past semester and add it. Be sure to take off things that aren't relevant anymore.

19. Make a LinkedIn profile

It's a great tool for expanding your career.

20. Search for a summer job or internship

Why wait until the spring when you can set something up now?

21. Prepare for spring semester

Become familiar with your schedule. Buy your textbooks. Buy school supplies. You'll hate yourself if you put it off.

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