5 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Journal

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Journal

Because it will help you, that’s why.

As I mentioned in my previous article, keeping a journal could be a creative New Year’s Resolution and has a lot of benefits besides. It is something that I do as often as possible and find to be personally rewarding. As if I wasn’t convincing enough the first time around, here are just a sample of the many powerful reasons why keeping a journal is beneficial to you.

1. It may make you happier

Writing about your life will help you understand what makes you feel happy and confident and what makes you feel sad and miserable. From there, you’ll know what toxic people and situations you can cut out of your life. Recognizing the wonderful parts of your day (and life in general) will also boost self-esteem.

2. It’s cathartic for emotional situations

If something happens to you that is upsetting and you just don’t want to talk about it with a real person, then write about it. James Pennebaker, a social psychologist at the University of Texas, says that writing about stressful events helps you come to terms with them and improves your physical health, since the stress won’t be taking a toll on your body. Plus, your journal is for your eyes only, so you don’t have to worry about someone else reading something so deeply personal.

3. You can organize your thoughts

Ever felt stressed to the max and don’t know where to begin to comprehend what’s going on? Write about it. It will help you get in touch with what you want and provide a unique perspective on the situation. You may also find that you feel better about the situation afterward and know exactly how to proceed in real life.

4. It may enhance your creativity

The best way to improve your writing is to just keep writing, so journaling often will help you with your writing skills. This source cites that writing in a journal helps with: effective communication of complex ideas, memorizing essential information, brainstorming, creation and understanding of a new perspective, breaking down complex ideas, and organizing information.

5. You will remember what’s important

I cannot tell you the number of times I have read old entries in my journal and read about an experience or event I totally would have forgotten otherwise. If I hadn’t written it down, it might have slipped away and been forgotten forever. Though some situations or instances may be so hard you want to forget them, having a record of how you were then versus how you are now will really help you see your personal growth.

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Having a Bad Day? Read This.

One bad day means many more good days.

We've all had bad days. Then sometimes, "bad" isn't even the word that covers the day. Some days we'd rather use words like terrible, or horrible. Some days we're angry, while other days we're upset. Either way, on a bad day it could seem like the world is crashing down. We could just wait until the full day is over, but who has time for that? Welcome to my list of things to do when you're having a bad day!

1. Write your thoughts on paper and throw it in the trash

Writing helps you release your feelings and negative energy. What better way to end the process then to throw it in the trash?

2. Vent to your parents

Because no one know you better then mom or dad.

3. Facetime your best friend

If you can't hang out then facetime is best face-to-face contact you can get. It's much better seeing someone than just hearing their voice.

4. Listen to music

Either put it on full blast, or listen quietly through headphones. This is an old trick guaranteed to work.

5. Workout

Working out really does clear your mind, while releasing negative energy from your body. Give it a try.

6. Spend time with animals

It's proven that time with animals helps relieve stress. I mean, have you seen how cute they are?

7. Spend time in nature

Nature has many benefits. One of the benefits would be how calm nature can be. Use the fresh air to relax your soul.

8. Go to church

This may not be for everyone. However, if you do hold religious beliefs then church could be one of the best places to find peace.

9. Pamper yourself

This could mean getting your nails done, or spending a day with your beloved netflix. Whatever it is, make sure you're doing something you love. You deserve time for yourself.

10. Clean

Sometimes organizing your room, changing sheets, or even doing dishes could lift a person up. Having clean surroundings equals a clean mind set.

11. Take a hot shower or jump in a hot bath

Not only are you getting clean, you're also going to feel much more refreshed afterwards. A shower or a bath is the perfect place to clear your mind. Maybe add a bathbomb or soothing music into the mix.

12. Set goals for the next week

This could give you a sense of organization, while being productive. Setting goals and then reaching them make you feel empowered. Try it and then keep up the good work.

13. Write down what your thankful for

Remember that it's only a bad day. One bad day means they're are plenty of good ones. Instead of throwing this list away, this time hang it up.

14. Get Creative

Creativity creates happiness and self expression.

15. Use your bad day as motivation

On a bad day you may feel terrible, but that feeling won't last forever. Do what you can in preparation to make the next day the best day yet. Nobody has time for two bad days.

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Martial Arts Is More Than Just Kicking And Punching, It's A Lifestyle

The power of learning the martial arts.

Kickstart Kids is a nonprofit organization founded in 1990 by Chuck Norris, with the help of the former President George H.W. Bush, that teaches disadvantaged inner-city youth the vital traits that martial arts have to offer; a program that builds character through karate. Kickstart Kids is a program that has had a tremendous impact on my life. It is a program that I deeply involve myself in, not only while school is in session but also during the summer break.

In middle school, I was constantly finding myself in trouble and being sent to the principal’s office. I was a kid that constantly was reprimanded but excelled in academics. However, karate changed that.

During 2012-2013 school year, I was enrolled in my first karate class through the program. The program intrigued me in the way that I had never experienced before. In middle school, I played every single sport but I had a burning passion for karate. Whenever there would be a conflict of scheduling between karate and another sport that I was involved in, I would always pick karate. I even missed my football team’s pictures so that I could attend a karate practice the day before a regional tournament (I won first place by the way).

There was a time where I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it to after-school practice because there was not any method of transportation to get me home. My mom worked so she could not pick me up and there weren’t any after school buses. My only option was to walk, so every Tuesday and Thursday after practice I would walk three miles from Hogg Middle School in Houston Heights to our apartment in downtown Houston. I was not going to let a small obstacle like not having a ride stop me from participating in the sport that I love so much.

After I finished middle school we moved from downtown Houston, Texas to Spring, Texas, 20 miles from the middle school where the karate was. I was devastated because I knew that I would not be able to walk 20 miles and make it to practice on time.

For almost 2 years I was not able to attend karate. However, when I was in the 11th grade I received my driver's license and my own car. The first thing on my mind was to go to karate practice. Every Tuesday and Thursday since then, I’ve driven over 40 miles during rush hour in order to make it to karate.

I am a multiple time citywide, multiple time regional, three-time Texas state, and two time World champion in the United Fighting Arts Federation Chuck Norris System. Also, I have traveled to Las Vegas and other exciting places that I would have never been able to experience if it had not been for KickStart Kids. Not to brag, but I’ve also met Chuck Norris the founder of my style and television star.

Kickstart Kids has impacted my life in tremendous ways and I would not have become the well-rounded individual I am today without it. That is why I return to volunteer and practice, not only to expand my knowledge in the martial arts but also to make a meaningful impact in the life of troubled middle schoolers who like me, need guidance.

So if you’re a parent and wondering what sport to start your kid off in, I’d say karate. It has had a huge impact on me and I know that it will for your kid, too.

Cover Image Credit: Tre’Vontaye Toby

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