Problems of Long Distance Best Friends
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Problems of Long Distance Best Friends

Ever heard of LDBF?

Problems of Long Distance Best Friends

High school graduation has come, or maybe moving day has finally arrived - whatever the case may be - your best friend is going away and after swearing to keep in contact no matter what, as you watch him or her pull out of their driveway, walk through that terminal, or get on that train, you begin to wonder just how long your friendship will last; distance is a test, a new surroundings can change people. So at the end of the day, as you wish your best friend a safe travel through your phone, you question yourself if you two are strong enough to last.

And if you two do make it through your first year apart, you have doubtlessly experienced the many hardships it takes to keep a long distance friendship. Because one:

1. Facetime, texting, calling, etcetera - is never enough

You need them there. Locked in a conversation and breathing next to you. Because Jake from Calculus II is giving you angst and you need someone with a minimum of x amount of years to deal with the full brunt of your issues and psychoticness.

2. You always get a nagging spike of fear or jealousy that he or she has found someone new

Best friend: -posts numerous snaps and photos with a girl/boy-

You: Okay, so who is this now, Felicia?!

(Don't lie, you know you've done this at some point)

3. You have to get used to the weird hours when both of you are free

It's not that bad if you two are still in the same timezone, but the sentiment is still the same. Felicia or Fabian could just be a campus away and your schedules still could conflict. So it's work and compromise from here on out, and knowing his or her schedule like it's your own.

4. You also have to get used to the to the fact that the world falls apart when he or she is conveniently unavailable to slap some sense into you

Like, losing your charger is more monumental than it seems to others. You need it so you can charge your life (A.K.A your only device to contact your bestie).

5. Also, you have to get accustomed to the even the idea of waiting, just to see your bestie

Like, you have to get used to the fact that you have to schedule when you can see him or her when back then - you could just disrupt his or her life at any moment in time without prior notice.

6. However, when it is time to meet up - all of your worries just seem to disappear. Because when you're with your bff:

And hopefully, everything and everyone nearby was warned to be prepared for your reunion.

7. Because hey, reunion day is the best day ever. Kinda.

The time you two have together will start off like a happy romantic comedy - and end like a horror film once it's time to leave again.

8. Fortunately, once you get back you'll be on a high. And it's good luck to anyone who tries to get you off your phone.

Because everyone should know that you and Felicia/Fabian are going to be hitting each other up 27/8.

9. Still, you also know have to get back to the reality where you won't be able to have weird conversations with just anyone anymore again

9. And you will have to deal with the fact that no one is going to burst into songs with you at 3AM anymore.

You might not even be able to reenact the whole High School Musicalsoundtrack at all too; a mob might form at your door if you even attempt singing it by yourself.

10. Wherein you used to be the first person to hear the news, you might have to sit back and just find a time for thorough updates on your best friend's life

...that is, if you even find the time to hear it all. Sometimes, you're going to have to learn it all through whatever she or he posts on social media. And that's going to suck but you're going to have to get used to it.

11. The distance, and lack of thorough updates, might also make you think that your relationship has been compromised

Because you are an adult, or like to think you're grown enough to at least, to know that people change and sometimes their surroundings can contribute to that change. They may have found someone new, they may not like having to wait so long to rant to or update someone - and overall, your best friend may just not be able to do the distance or patience. And you're going to have to accept the fact that sometimes it's just better to be friends.

12. Of course, you're probably just overthinking your friendship

And your best friend will be there to assure you and yell at you that you two are legit. That you two will survive this because it would take too long to find someone who can handle them and their messes.

13. And if they do successfully stamp that fact into your brain, well then, you two are

And no one can tell you otherwise. It's Felicia/Fabian over the new guy or girl. Always and forever.

Distance is hard, you will question yourself, you will have many doubts, but at the end of the day, if it all works out

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