I grew up in a small town my entire life. It wasn't a five thousand or eight thousand population small town. It was more like under two thousand population town. It was unique, and it helped shape me into the person that I am today.

In our town, we didn't have any stop n go lights, but did have the common signs. We didn't have much in our town, but we do have a gas station, a couple bars, a couple churches, a few business, a restaurant, and a public school that is 4k-12th grade. That's right.

I love living in a small town, and would pick that over city life. There are a lot of pros of living in a small town, but there are some cons.

Pro: Our school was small.
We didn't need a big school. Why would we? Even though our school was only one floor, and had all grades, we never missed out on anything. Everyone had their own area of the school. We have sports at all levels, art, music, band, musicals, plays, clubs, and so on. We had good teachers that cared, and we received a decent education. Plus, the class sizes were small. There were no more than twenty-five kids in a class. Most classes had an average of fifteen people if I had to guess. Lastly, we had nice gyms, weight room, indoor pool, library, and a couple computer labs.

Con: Location
We don't have much in our town. In the city, you could walk to do something, or take a five minute drive. Where I come from, you have to drive ten to thirty minutes to go somewhere to get the things you need, or do something.

Pro: Location
The country. I love back roads. I love driving with my friends and family, blaring music, and being surrounded by blue skies, starry nights, beautiful sunsets (the sunrises are probably just as pretty, but I would never know because I don't get up that early), nature, fields, and lakes.

Con: Everyone knows everyone
Growing up, there were a few people that came and left our class, but majority of the class had stayed. Plus, things spread like wild fire.

Pro: Everyone knows everyone
Everyone is close. There are so many benefits to knowing people in your community. We all might be in different places now, but we will always have that small town connection.

Con: Transportation
There is no public transportation from where I'm from. We don't have buses or trains. We would have to travel to the towns next to us to be able to use a bus or train.

Pro: Low crime rate.
I feel comfort walking at night without having to really worry. I feel safe. I don't have to feel fear every time I step out of the door.

When I went to college, I went to a small town instead of the city. Even though it's a small town, it's still bigger with more places and options than my town. Being here, and in college, has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless, I love my small town roots, and would never want to change that.